Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012

Cresent Waxing Moon
Foothill Park- the Big Meadow
Day 22

What a glorious, glorious day!  My intention was to have this be the last day for our circle but, oh my and oh dear!  I left the cooler and my lunch back with my other car.  So, the children wanted to jump in pretty quickly to the bus so, we did, and off we went to get the cooler as it was on our way.  They got to, kind of, see the house that I grew up in since I was 6 and then carry on to Foothill Park to see if any one had taken advantage of the gifts the children made for them
When we got there they all piled out and then off we went.   A few of us ran to see if the cones were still there.  The really high ones were not even touched but the ones that were close to the ground were taken down and licked clean!!!  Now who do you suppose did that? Was it a bird?  Was it a Racoon, skunk, coyote, bob cat….?  Looking for clues we did but only to find little other then the absence of the peanut butter and the seeds and the cones on the ground!!!!  This was still rather thrilling and Paul was very excited to make one for himself. And so he did, with great delight.
The rest of the day was just one peaceful movement into the next.  I am going to make this a short journal only to say, ALL of them really appeared to need to take the day very, very, very slow and gently. So, that is what we facilitated.  There was gentle covering Audrey with leaves, then me, then a bit with each other and a lot of laying around and looking at the sky, the clouds, the ducks, the area.  There was sweet climbing of trees and easeful walking about.  It was one of the most laid back days by far and it seemed “just what the Dr. ordered” for the group.  A nice way to move into the Thanksgiving holiday when all around us is the hustle and bustle of these Autumn holiday days.

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