Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thursday May 23, 2013

Day 66
Day before Full Moon
Hidden Villa

It turned out that Audrey had to go home ill, Taz got a bit scared when he came because there were only three girls so he went home with Mom. Paul came and Aoife was home sick.  That left four children and me for the adventure of the day: Giselle, Emme, Alice and Paul.  The four of them preferred going to Hidden Villa as opposed to Rancho San Antonio, my choice so, there was no reason not to honor their desires and off we went.  But of course, not before stuffies and things that bring comfort and ease.  However, not long after we left Emme and Alice, who were sitting next to each other, had a bit of a struggle. I stopped the bus and was easily able to take the time needed to aid them.  Assistance and acceptance took place, tears, were shed then found rest, understanding of the other came like a light bulb turned on, kind words and gentle eyes given and then off we were able to go.
When we got there the four of them made agreements about all the places they wanted to go and I made sure that each one of those places were visited: The garden, the lambs, pigs and chickens, and the Big Rock. And oh yes, we had a little circle and I was able to tell the story that never got finished on Tuesday.
Each place was welcomed, enjoyed , explored and when it was time to move on there was little or actually, no resisitance.
We saw young chickens, not baby chicks, but a little older, out in a pen where the children could see them easily.  Emme just loved these little characters and stayed with them for quite a while.  Giselle, when we got to the piggies wanted to go back to the pig stall that they all like to play in but alas, I believe the “Powers that Be” tied it shut and closed the lid so there was  no more playing in that.    I was not able to catch a chicken today. Almost all of the Reds were somewhere else.
Then, off to the Big Rock we went and where we ate and played for the rest of the day.
Giselle and I sat at the bottom for a long time eating and talking while the other three brought their lunch to the top of the first Big Rock.  Soon a whole group of older children came and watching them is always an enjoyed adventure for the children.  Your children, as so often is the case, though much younger, were far more comfortable and skilled going up and down and up and down this big rock.  It is always fun to see them notice this interesting phenomenon.
When Giselle was finished eating, she and I caught up with the others. From there we all explored the rest of the rock all the way up to “Story telling Trees.”  This is a great little grove that is just perfect for telling stories.  Alice loved this and not only wanted me to tell stories but she, and the others, had great tales to tell.  We spent the rest of the day resting and listening to each other peacefully up there.   Then, down we went and off to the bus to return from sweet adventures.

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