Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thursday March 7, 2013

Waning Crescent   Moon
Days  46
Hidden Villa

Alice and Miu were absent today.
The sky was cloudy and the Weather Reports told us it was going to rain during the day. However, it just never did!  We watched the sky throughout the day and noticed how the color and shape of the clouds changed and the color of the sky changed but no rain ever fell upon our heads.  We put our counting and weather stick up in the air to see what the feather would do and he was being blown rather strongly.    We made guesses as to when we thought it might rain and, by late afternoon there was some rain fall but not while we were all together.  The day was quite beautiful and beautiful enough to play in the water at the creek we visited and ate our lunch at.
We came here because I was told that there were young piggies, a young cow and some other new born.  We found the first two and then discovered the baby sheep as we were walking back at the end of the day.    When we saw the sheep I brought their attention to the coat of the sheep and how that is what we washed and stuffed our pillows with a couple of weeks ago.  Aoife still has what she washed in the front of her pack so I was able to take that out as an example.
There were a lot of people there on this day so we navigated well around them.  We made sounds like the goats and sheep before we got there and then saw the sweet young ones as well as the color of their tongs.  Do you know what color the cows, sheep and goats tongues are?   The baby cow was very sweet as it nuzzled up to it’s Mommy and there were blossoms on trees all around.
The creek was a joy to play in and around and we became all manner of creatures exploring this place.  But then, “When are we going to see the Piggies?” someone cried. “Well, if everyone is finished eating let us go!!!” I said.  And so, we did.  Off to the piggies we went and oh dear, they had the strongest and most unpleasant smell I have ever smelled and the little ones had diarrhea. We weren’t  able to find a farmer to ask about this.  Emme kept saying that she liked the smell.  No matter though, those little piggies were so fun to watch as they ran, jumped, played, nibbled their Mommies mouth, snorted, grunted, flipped around and then, it was time for us to try some of their stunts!  Can you flip in the midst of a run?   Paul was really gung ho with trying this and did pretty well too at it!  There was the now, traditional, game of going inside the pig cage that sits on the outside and side wall of the pig barn and pretend that you are pigs or something.  The children would pretend feed whoever was pretending to be a pig and then change these roles like happy wind blowing.
There was feather gathering and trying to catch chickens.  No one was able to today.  We finally made our way out of there and on our way back to the bus viewing all that we had taken in already and enjoying the pleasures of Early Spring.

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