Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thursday Jan. 30, 2014 Day 38

New Moon

What a beautiful and very lovely day!  Oh, well accept that the reservoir is SOOOOO empty.
We continued to work with rattles by way of finding handles and trying out different materials that would make different sounds. Juliet REALLY liked experimenting with this.  It was delightful to watch her experiment, explore and listen.  Ridham got involved in just making different sounds with different things on the Earth.   Zara, Serena and Eden were content in their usual play and had fun climbing up and down the big dead tree and playing house underneath it.  A favorite scene of mine was watching Eden give Zara the BIGGEST Bear hug and Zara just taking it in.   Cole and Zac had fun building on their own on the other side of the empty pond and Julian and Ridham came in and out of that.
The girls, Finn, Ridham and I wound up sneaking up on Cole, Zac and Julian.  Zara isn’t quite there with the quietly sneaking up so we didn’t really manage it but, fun was had and that was GRAND!
Later on Zac, Cole, Finn and I went searching for Star Mushrooms and then found them in the Coyote brush that we were exploring in.   They were all dried up and looking quite sad from lack of water! We took out my carry along laminated mushroom guide and found the picture of what they look like when they are fresh and new.
Jill was in and out and around with all of them as I was.
When we first got on the trail there were some BEAUTIFUL Roosters. They ALL went very quietly and tried to get close to those treasures.   They couldn’t touch them but they did get close.
We had some roaring hide and go seek games near the bathrooms and peaceful times just being in the beauty of the day.
It was delightful to see them charge up the huge Tree trunk and see Finn glide up and down with ease. Zac got a bit stuck and Cole gave him some pointers as to how to get down.
At circle we had a new story called the 12 Month Brothers. You can find it in the library.  It has a similar theme as the story from Tues and last Thursday ie, Unkind Step Mother and Step Sister only this story introduced the 12 months and how no month can go before the other, that is Jan cannot go after March and the like, accept in this tale!
The day was another fine and enlivening day.

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