Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thursday Feb. 28, 2013

Day 44
Waning Gibbeous Crescent Moon
Rancho San Antonio

Everyone was here and the day was alive with Sunshine and inner brightness.  We have not gone here in a long time and we were extremely blessed to do so.  Towards the latter part of the day we got to see Tom and Pee Hen Turkeys all around us and hear the different voices of the Girl Turkey and the Boy Turkey.
The day was truly filled with many sounds, and excitments and the weaving in and out of different groupings.  Since Kaden was back Taz and he spent most of the day together yet they did not exclude anyone who wished to play with them and Taz was playing with Alice in the bus since they sat next to one another.
On the walk to the creek, where we were to settle in for the day, we spent much time watching, listening and  exploring the Ground Squirrels.  What fun they were and how fast they can go!  We got VERY close to one that looked at us for awhile and then scooted off.  We then came upon the Great Grandma Bay tree.  She has a wondeful fence around her that is very fun to try and walk on and balance oneself on.  And, that is what they all did.  They showed such great fortitude and drive to continue trying this endeavor.  It is not that easy on some parts because the boards are uneven at times.  Yet up and down and up and down they went as they worked at walking across these uneven ‘balance bars.’
We had to walk PAST the Gnome house which was a bit of a feat and then pass the WoodPecker hotels.  Before passing them though we did check to see the holes that Woodpeckers have made.  Their song was all around us too as well as workers cutting down some trees with loud machines.   There was  a ranger that stopped and kept looking up at a tree. We stopped and kept looking at him to see what he was looking at.   I thought that maybe it was a nest as many of the birds, particularly Coopers Hawks. have made nests in these trees. We never figured it out so on we went to our destination.
When we got to the creek the boys instantly took their shoes off, rolled up their pants and went straight to making a bridge because the one that they made before was gone and there was none now.   The girls sat down to eat.
Taz and Kaden created a great slippey slide and when Evan went to use it he got a bit carried away and OOOOWWWWEEEEE he fell straight into the Berry Bushes below with many cuts.   I fixed him up best I could and it didn’t take long before he was off and playing again yet, he was scratched up from those Berry Bushes.
The girls played on and off their Dr. Games and this time I was the patient.  I let them know that I had a cut and could use some Chickeweed so, Alice gathered and gathered and fed and fed me until I was quite well!

Health Benefits
The history of chickweed health benefits can be traced back to the sixteenth century, when people used this herb for soothing inflammations, skin conditions and some other diseases. It is evident from the fact that the seventeenth century herbalist, John Gerard had recommended chickweed as a remedy for mange in humans. However, modern herbalists recommend this plant for the treatment of various medical conditions, even though none of them is scientifically proven. Owing to the popularity of this herb and its health benefits, chickweed is now available in the form of capsules, liquid extracts, crude herb, oils, tea bags, ointments and tinctures, all of which are made of components extracted from the leaves, stems and flowers of this plant. But, the fresh form is considered to be the best.
As chickweed is a very rich source of nutrients that are necessary for balancing the metabolic functions of the body, its intake lessens mucus buildup. It is beneficial in the treatment of various respiratory diseases like bronchitis, chronic cough, cold, asthma and allergy symptoms.
As a poultice, chickweed is used for reducing inflammation of the eyes, in people affected with pink eye or any other eye infection.
One of the main health benefits of chickweed, that has been recognized for a very long time, is its use in treating bruises, cuts and wounds, skin irritation, eczema, pimples, first-degree burns, open sores, hemorrhoids and inflammation.
Chickweed tea benefits include its use in treating coughs and strep throat. Honey can also be added to it for sweetening.
Chickweed has diuretic properties, which help the body to flush out toxins through urine and also to reduce fluid retention, weight gain and bloating.
Maintaining a healthy urinary system is one of the health benefits of chickweed. It is also used for treating urinary tract infections and cystitis, as it purifies the blood and the kidneys.
Chickweed benefits include its use as a cooling agent in the case of digestive problems. It is also good for easing constipation and is used in treating stomach ulcers and hemorrhoids.
Joint pain can be eased by adding chickweed infusion to the water, while bathing. This is also good for relieving the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis and stiff neck.
Read more at Buzzle:  Also note, you can identify Chickweed by noticing that they only have hair on one side of their stems.

It was at this point that we began to hear those Turkeys and had such a good time finding them, looking and listening to them.  Audrey and Emme found a great spot up on the hill to sit and listen to them as they went by.
The day was filled with exploring this area with body, heart, mind and soul.
On the way back in the bus Audrey began to make her hair funny and all the children were laughing and laughing.  Then Taz and Paul wanted their hair funny so she put hair ties in their hair so that they looked a bit like unicorns.  Then we all decided that we wanted a wacky hair day.  When our next warm day comes we will wash it with soap root, if we can get some, and dye our hair with natural plants like beets and the rocks that we have ground and then put them up in funny ways.

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