Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thursday. Dec. 20, 2012

Waxing first quarter Moon
Day 30
Eleanor Pardee Park

Our holiday party was had yet as Audrey and I were setting up we had to leave our traditional Tender Tracks spot due to the park maintance crews needs.  I think it is a SIGN!!  No more circles there.  The past two years there has been more and more workers and so loud.  Well, I have stopped circle there and right timing it appears. However, the one day we decide to be there, because I just couldn’t figure out what the weather was really going to do for the day, we had to move.  No worries though, we found a beautiful spot near the garden and the sounds of workers was a bit less there.  Still, the day for me was a bit hectic and the usual ease, flow and peace that is often found up at Foothill Park for our end of the year party, I could not find in this place for the day.  I give you parents, and Grandpa great credit and gratitude for supporting the days journey though and holding space for the chaos.  Many Thanks!!
And a great thank you to Kaden and Emme’s Mom’s for getting the fire going straight away while Audrey and I worked at getting everything else moved over to the new spot.   Chestnuts were roasted, though a bit burnt, Toyon Berry tea was drank, snack was eaten, songs sung, story told, and candle dipping commenced.  Taz wasn’t as thrilled about this because he was a bit scared to get burnt, but hurray, he didn’t!!!  Their candles were made and off we went to receive the gifts from the Gnomes.  And, right as we were going their, Alice, her Mom and brother arrived and they were able to search and find the gifts as well.    The Gnomes left little Gnomies with Geods inside which then the  children got to hammer open and find the beauty inside.   Thank you families for finding the bricks to hit those geods open!
After the children played on the compost mounds and  Audrey and I received all of your grand gifts.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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