Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 60
New Moon
Huddart Park

Kadden was absent today and Alice met us up at the park.
We went back here specifically to see if we could find Paul’s backpack.  No find!  However, half the children came in costume and were so happy.  Somehow my email did not make it to everyone and Miu’s Mom did not know!  I feel poorly about that and I know she felt sad because Miu was quite sad about this. However, Audrey not only came beautifully dressed up but brought along many things for the children just in case. One of which was a beautiful hair clip that Miu finally felt quite fine about.  Throughout the day she loved it as she wore it with much joy and delight.
We did another play re enactment that they really, really wanted and Miu was the star with her Tinkerbell happy fairy dust.  All the children jumped into the tale with delight. They wound up in the “house” that is there and played and played.
After story they hid from Audrey and she just could not find them!!! They were inside the little wooden house laughing and laughing and laughing.  Then I came along and what did I find? Laughing and hiding children inside!!!
We gathered our things and made our way down a very big slope right where we were to go to the creek down below to stay and explore for the rest of the day.
They ran right to the creek looking for rocks to paint with, butterflies and bugs.
During the day:
•Audrey took a group to explore up stream.
•When some challenges occurred I thought I heard something up on the hill,( a stategy!)  and off we went to track it.( This did work to assist their release of struggles that needed some easy tension release.) While we were tracking we wound up tracking how many different animals had been munching on the leaves.  It looked like Deer, Slug and bugs.  All were working hard at climbing up this hill to get onto the deer trail to track a Bob Cat?
•Then down the hill.
•There was a half way built tee pee type structure so Paul, Evan, Taz,Aoife and I began building more of it.   Aoife sure is strong!  She also found lot’s of leaf skeletons and loved sharing them.
•Towards the end of our time I told a lot of Personal Tales that they wanted to hear and then it was time to climb up the big slope.
On the way home Audrey had them singing many songs and song games.


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