Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thurs. Oct. 31, 2013 Day 19

Waning Moon
Foothills Park

This is just an entry to say, THANK YOU to all you parents and grandparents that were able to make if for our Halloween party.  What fun to all be together celebrating in this grand time of Harvest and preparation for the coming cold and dark days!  It was grand to have you all there and participating in all the games.
I hope you had fun trying to figure out whose foot prints are whose.  You can make foot prints of your childrens shoes too.  In search and rescue those folks know what the bottom of children’s shoes look like and can track lost kids in a remarkable way!  So, test your skills and see if you know what the bottom of your children’s shoes look like.
If you wash the capes, just know, you can re-dye them.  Maybe you could go down to the creeks, find some stones, pound them up, make some paint and paint the capes again.
Or, go on a walk and pick some Madrone Berries or Toyon Berries and make some tea.
Check out this web page about the Madrone Berries:
You can also do a search for Toyon Berries and their medicinal qualities as well as how to gather and prepare them.  On the Island at Foothills Park are many Toyon Berry Trees with lot’s or ripening berries.  Go in a month or so, gather up and make some yummy holiday cider.
Have fun and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

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