Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thurs. Oct. 10, 2013 Day 12

Waxing Moon
Huddart Park

The day: sweet, peaceful, unity, chaos into union, into exploration, discovery, laughing, patience, expansion…..
Wow, what a wonder filled day.  Cole, Liam, and Julian really wanted to continue gathering acorns this am.  I do not blame them. I did too yet, I knew that if we did that we wouldn’t be able to get to our adventure with enough time so, calling them in I did and off we went.  Zara was FILLED with lot’s of big sounds of song that was not as inclusive as works best on the bus.  Jill brought in  the awareness that she wanted to sing so she invited the group to begin singing some of our circle songs and songs that they know.  They all had fun with that and loudness settled to ease and unity.
They are so “four” with their humor so it doesn’t take much to get them smiling and laughing.  Actually, I often say things like, “Now it is very important that we stay very sad today and of course, no smiling.”  This brings about peeelllllls of laughter and joy in them and off we go through and past any struggles.
When we got there out and off they went.  It didn’t take much to get them into our circle, mostly so they could get some snack because they all were quite hungry by the time we get to it.   But as we were driving into the park they saw a picture of Smokey the Bear.  I kind of lurred them into circle while we were on the bus by telling them a very small bit about  him and that I would finish the story in circle.  Wow, they came right in singing songs, sitting around and looking forward to hearing all about this bear that wears a ranger hat.  It was a grand and true story about how Smokey the Bear came to be and what he shares with everyone on how to take care of our Forests and be so very, very mindful with Fire.
Then, off to an adventure we went.
Highlights along the trail: Big sticks to drag, a dead Dark Eyed Junco to explore and learn from, butterflies, crickets, dragon flies, Cedar tree wooden gifts falling down upon the ground, Deer poop, Horse Poop, climbing up and over, under and beneath a fence, easy trails and hard trails to choose from.
When we got to where we were going they all sat close together and ate together.  This was a first that we were all so close and eating in this way.  It was very, very peaceful.  There was sharing of food or at least noticing the beauty of what each person had to eat and then, off and down to explore the creek where we were.
Face painting with the rocks happened and that was one of my quiet goals for the day because of things we will be doing for Halloween.  Liam, Julian, and Zac got really into painting themselves and painting me and Jill.  They all got very creative.  Juliet and Serena were in 7th heaven staying up top where we ate and continued to eat and play with each other.  They asked me to join them several times and then they really wanted to know, because they were Mom’s, which way it was to the beach. Well, if they kept the Sun at their back and kept walking in that way they would get there.  And, so off they went.  It was delightful to listen to them take on different roles:  “I want to be the grown up,no I want to, Ok you be the grown up and I will be the child.” and then they would switch.
Ridham was delighted gathering little rocks, Cole and Zac found great rocks that they could break and turn into writing tools. Liam, Eden and Zara found a “Hotel” further down the creek  where they made “popcorn”/rocks thrown into water. They LOVED this!  Julian had a grand time with Jill painting his arms and becoming, well I never was actually sure what he really became.  He showed Liam how to climb up this very hard spot and Cole, Ridham and Zac worked at climbing up another area that was very hard.
As we were walking back we found a cricket to hold and sing our cricket song to. Right when we finished the song it jumped away and before that it just sat still in my hand for the children to observe.   The children were deligthed with the cocooons they found under an oak tree and the moths that were sitting still on the ground.
Much fun and so much peace and ease today.

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