Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thurs. Nov. 29, 2012

Full Moon
Foothill Park
Day 24

Alice was absent today. Taz, our brand new member to Tender Tracks, arrived today and without a hitch.  Kaden was clearly so very happy to have his dear friend there and this was a true joy to see this side of him.   The children just jumped into the bus and were ready to go.  We passed out our stuffed animals and off we went.  There was still some volume control in the bus needed yet they found it within themselves, with support, to find the volume that worked for the whole.
Since the weather was a bit unpredictable I thought we would go to the backside in order to be under the trees for the potential rains.  However, when we got there (this part, if you are reading to your children is not for their ears) I looked into the trees and there was a couple with many blankets laid out and in some very involved embraces!  I shared with the children that there were some people there that looked like they really needed some privacy and that we would find another place.  Evan said, “We could stay here and just not go in there” with great and beautiful enthusiasm.  I shared that it would be best to allow them to have the entire place for the day and that we will find another grand place for us.   So, where to go?  There was construction going on in our usual parking spot and the top of the park would not be the best.  Well, there was the rangers station so I figured, if it rains we can easily come back there and I can bring out the indoor things that I have and we will be set.  The day before the children got DRENCHED with the downpour so I wished to be ready for the possibility.
When we got there, we went in and they were excited to see all of the taxidermed animals.  After some time with those amazing gifts, we settled in on the puffy couches there and had story , songs and snack.  Then, Audrey brought in a snake skin that she had skinned and they got to feel this incredibly soft skin and hear the story.   By this time it was time to move!  So outside we went.
We were going to go to the Slippey Sliddey area but what did we come across?  WATER!!! The creek was flowing and their were bridges to run across and imaginary Trolls to contend with.   Giselle went to a picnic table and started to eat and she and Audrey stayed together eating and eating for a long time. Meanwhile, the other children were just so involved with the creek, jumping across or trying to, exploring up and down the creek, putting leaves in to watch them turn into boats and float down the river and many such things.   Finally they came to lunch and after that?  They had some rousing chase games with Audrey and much hiding, sneeking, jumping upon and laughter.
Feet and clothes got wet and there was much figuring out what to do with that but then they were having so much fun it all got ignored.   Evan made a great friend with Aoife too.   The two of them were DELIGHTED to be such good friends and played and walked together. Before Aoife became dear friends with Evan, she, Miu and Emme did a great deal of exploring down the creek and were gathering much wood for?  Well, I am still not quite sure but they really needed to gather it that much I know!
Kaden and Taz were having a GRAND time playing in and around the water and on the bridge and Taz really and so very graciously, embraced everyone with open and warm kindness.
As we were driving back he said, “We didn’t have school!”   I laughed and said, “This day WAS school.”  He just looked at me and seemed to be content with that answer.  I have not mentioned Paul who was having a really grand time with Taz and Kaden as well and spent a bit of time figuring out his socks and his boots as his socks had gotten wet like everyone else’s.  He was his happy self and having four boys is just a grand bit of perfection I do believe for this group.

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