Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thurs. May 15, 2014 Day 64

Day after Full Moon

Zara, Eden and Serena gone today.  The first two gone due to my SHINGLES!!!

Another absolutely sweet, easy, congruent, loving day.  Everyone was alive, bright and unified with peace.
We had a gentle circle and then went on an adventure to find on going relief from the heat that came about in direct sun.  We were indeed protected all day as we stayed under the trees and went further into them and stayed there all day.
They found our traditional spot with ease and loved finding the spot where it gets cooler with just one step. Why?  The trees!!!  There was much gratitude for their gift in life at the end of the day.
Jill was put into “jail” and it turned out to be so lovely in there. She was guided to the Big Redwood with a big “nest” in it. There she was fed and tended to as she got to rest and look up at the grandeur of the tree’s magnificence.  I sat with Finn, Ridham and on again off again Juliette playing fun games and building structures with sticks.  Juliette was delighted to find more treasures on the ground that she has found in the past.  Most of them discovered going down a steep slippy sliddey to the creek and eventually the rest of us found our way to them.
After exploring up the dry creek though, oh yes, they all found a little pool of water, most went up the creek. Finn, Ridham, Juliette and I stayed.  We wound up playing musical games first with two sticks and then on stumps.  I would play a song on the sticks and they would have to guess what song I was playing. Juliette was remarkable!  Then Ridham played elaborate songs that even he could not remember their names so we never got them. All the while Finn was making Eucalyptus shavings for fire making.
The others came back after their wonderful adventure up stream where they found a small culvert sticking out of the earth.
Finn, Juliette and Ridham wound up going off with Jill while Julian and Cole stayed with me.  Julian was REALLY into making music and Cole was too. However, Julian kept us going and, in the end, we created a marvelous song that Julian insisted we share with the group, and we did!
There was a great deal that took place yet these were some of the highlights.

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