Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thurs. March13, 2014 Day 48

Waxing Gibbous Moon
Shoup Park/Redwood Grove

Thank you all for being willing to drop off and pick up the children here due to the bus needing a little extra time at the car Dr.  Nothing wrong with it. It just needed an adjustment that took longer than expected.  Well, I would have to say that I  was glad for it because this day was so very, very , very wonderful.  After five hours together they did not want to leave.  The art of Unwinding in one place, was magickal and wonderful.
We had a great circle time when we got there and then we made our way to exploring down the creek to the place we know and love.   Due to the fullness of this month, the bus and a variety of other things this blog will be short but I would like to give you some generalized highlights:
•Remembering different places down the creek to our spot
• Discovering signs of other folks having been there ( me and other kids the day before 🙂 )
• INCREDIBLE games of Hide and Go Seek/ stalking: some became Owls and others were mice.
Usually around the full and new moon I find myself sharing about what it is like for the rabbits, mice and prey animals.   During the full moon it is a bit more challenging for them as they are so visible.
Ridham, Julian and I really pulled some great hiding tricks on the group. We went to one place and then, as they went by us and didn’t see us, we snuck out and went to another place.  Serena was really good at seeing us under things though and she was the one who, finally, found us as we hide ever so quietly under one of the walkways.  The three of us had such a good time with this.   We all took turns with who were the Owls and Who were the mice and rabbits.
• Chopping wood that can be chopped: instead of chopping live trees , Cole, Julian and Zac discovered how to chop the fallen logs.
• We were shown a very active bee hive and we all watched it for such a long time as those bees went in and out in and out.  It also was decided that bothering the tree they were in WOULD NOT  be a very good idea.
• Stories throughout the day
• Plant discoveries
• Jobs being given and pleasure around that.
• Many different games and explorations.
This day was so fun and filled with many different permutations of nature games, tracking, walking quietly, listening to birds, being in hidey houses and oh yes, Serena had a book about Fairies that she loves and I read some of that to the girls and Finn liked it too!!
When it was time to go no one really wanted to go. They had found themselves wrapped in the loving flow of their own rhythms and the flow of Earth and Sky. It was just a beautiful spring type flowering day with open arms to the wealth of life being offered.

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