Palo Alto Tender Tracks Thurs. March 27, 2014 Day 52

Waning Crescent Moon
Hidden Villa

Zac still on holiday and Eden was back with us  after being so frightfully sick.  YEAH!!!  She was in good spirits and had a healthy step to her walk!  We went to Hidden Villa today because Zara and Ridham, when we celebrated their birthdays the first week of school, never got to choose a place that they wished to go. Today Zara got to choose and Ridham’s turn is next Thursday.
When we got there they played, as usual on the big log, the wonderful tree and bushes, and the tunnel.  Then, we had circle with the story from last week called One Fine Day.  The story was our lead into finding as many things as we could that the fox in the story had to find.   After circle we were then off on our adventure with Zara leading the way.
We were looking for: Cow, Grass, Creek with water, Pitcher, Blue bead, Egg, and a piece of Grain.
As we were driving in we saw a Cow. During Circle we were sitting on grass.  We finally found/noticed at the end of our day a part of the creek that had water.  We discovered an old fashioned pitcher.  It was what the Cows milk is put into when they are milking them.  A very large metal container. And, it had a lot of sour and moldy milk in it too!  We counted this as a pitcher since it was used for milk.  A pink bead was found but no blue bead.   We found lot’s of chickens but no eggs that we could go in and see if there were any.  BUT, when we found the “pitcher” inside the building that it was sitting in front of we saw a BIG BOWL OF EGGS!!!!   But alas, we did not find a piece of grain.   We never went to the chicken coop area where we can go in because we went to the Big Rock instead.
So, not bad for our treasure hunt. We also found lot’s of Chickweed, Miners lettuce to eat and many other plants to smell and feel.
Our walk to the Big Rock was filled with great many explorations of the above mentioned as well as seeing the fine sheep.  Finn left his pack back near the bus so while Jill ran to get it we ate at the picnic table near the Sheep.  Jill came back rather quickly and then we all ate their very contentedly.  Then, off to the Big Rock.
When we got there Serena was clear, all day, that she just wanted to stay at the bottom so she, Jill and Ridham stayed down below.  I am told that Ridham wanted to share stories and the stories were all about the fun things that they have done at Tender Tracks.  And then they all made beautiful and elaborate Fairy houses.
While they were doing that, I was up at the top of the hill with everyone.  But then Cole, Juliette and Julian went down to the bottom to play in a stick structure that was there. That left Zara, Eden, Finn and I up top.  They wanted stories so I started to tell them about Rapunzel.  I do not recall now  why  but that was what was being called for.  A group of older children came up for a bit and then Juliette, Cole and Julian came up.  They wanted to hear the story.  I gave a quick retell of the parts they missed and continued on.  When that was done Juliette wanted another “Princess” story.  So then I told “the original version” of little mermaid because she asked for a story about Ariel.  Afer that I though it would be nice to tell a “Prince” story and the boys agreed to that as they were about to leave if another princess story ensued!
I told an old Russian tale about Vasallisa the Wise.  It is about a Queen and how she saved her King.
It was one of those days where they could have listened to stories ALL DAY!!  But at the end of the last one we wound up having a big puppy pile and then going down to finish lunch, pack up and go back home

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