Palo Alto Tender Tracks Oct. 24, 2012

Foothill Park
Waxing Gibbeous Moon
Day 8

Audrey was gone today and Jasper’s Mom came to play.  Circle time was sweet and then off to an adventure at the backside of Foothill Park.  I like to go here when it is raining or when there is a possibility of rain. Today there was a chance so it seemed like a great place to explore.  Beside’s which, it just simply is lovely for the children to play amidst several home like places created by the grand Redwood Trees that we in this Bay area are blessed with.  If I ever left here I would surely miss these grand and wise beings.
Misha fell asleep almost right away while traveling there and was not about to wake up so we set up a cozy bed for him in the woods and he slept, inspite of all the noise that happened at times, until about 11:30.  At which point he woke up with Serena and Mindy there and then ate and spent time with the two of them having a wonderful time.  It is great that Mindy speaks a little Russian and a little spanish. WOW, I feel blessed to have such a person!    And Misha responds very well to this, as I would imagine. Oh to be understood when trying to communicate!  A universal human condition. Yes?!
Well, while Misha was resting the rest of the children were eating and then discovering all the wonderful house type of places that these trees held for us.   And then there were several potty runs to the little outhouse there and there were GREAT hide and seek games that took place.  Jen was finding them or hiding and Julian was very skilled with his ability to count.  He particularly liked counting to, not ten, not twenty but, very specifically, 21!  and then off we went to find our friends.
On our adventures we found some beautiful and very unique mushrooms growing. Zara and ? really wanted to stomp them to the earth. So with expressed love for our beautiful Mushroom children given I then re-directed them to the rocks lining the road where they could take those marvelously strong legs and stomp to there hearts delight.  The children ran with me to the rocks and there we jumped from one to the other.  This, of course, was more challenging and brought in their sense of balance, visual aquity, stamina, spatial awareness of body, rock shape etc, and more.   From there the game led us to discovering more beautiful things all around us.  I wound up finding all these metal weights for helium ballons on the ground.  They were PERFECT for looking up close at things  on the ground or looking up to the sky in order to focus more in on birds flying above.   The children who took these enjoyed playing with them and the others who discovered we had them wanted one them selves.
By this time we wandered more over to where Mindy, Serena and Misha were and they were happily playing. We joined them.
At the end of the day and as we were walking back to the forest to gather our belongings to leave Julian looked up at the grand Redwood trees and  said, paraphrased, ‘ Our beautiful castle is so tall!!’  he was looking up at all the Redwood Trees that we were playing in and that we called our home.  He was in awe and so was I not only at the gloriousness of the trees but with his own ability to experience the awe and wonderful of our “castle.”
There was so much more but this is what I have to share for this very moment about the day.

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