Palo Alto Tender Tracks May 30, 2013

Day 68
Third Quarter Moon
Denis Martins Creek

Paul, Miu and Alice were not with us yet Kaden’s Daddy was.  This was a great delight for us all.
The children explored, adventured, ate, played and then, we went on a grand adventure towards the end of the day through the wet creek bed. This was truly a GREAT adventure.  Kaden and Taz were in the lead. I actually fell in the water, a first for me, yet came out unscathed. The children had to climb up sides of hills, find a way out of the creek bed, then find a trail and oh yes, “Where is the bus?”  I asked several times.    They had to do a good deal of navigating, figuring out which way the water in the creek runs, what they remembered from earlier in the day, did we come from down hill or up hill and the like.  They were wonderful with all of this.  We found lot’s of Banana Slugs too throughout the day.
Kaden’s Dad got wet along with me but not for falling.  His sunglasses fell and to retrieve them required getting a little further into a pond below then desired.  All was well though and glasses were returned from waters world.
This is a very short blog but know, WOW what a very fun day.

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