Palo Alto Tender Tracks June 4, 2013

Day 69
Waning Moon
Hand Car Wash & Stevens Creek County Park

Miu was back and Kaden was gone.  It was a GREAT delight to see Miu and she was in wonder filled spirit!!!  She was very happy and loving being with her friends.   We all got in the bus and took our time with getting just the right stuffy and then off we went.  There were songs and games played coming and going.
We were all excited to wash Ganesha/ the bus clean and discover how white it really is.   They got all their towels for washing, I put my card in and then  WWWWHHHOOOOSSSHHHHHH out came the water and peels of laughter and giggles came about.   Some wanted to get wet and others not so much but fun they had as I wet the whole bus and then got the soapy brush and began the true washing.  They all followed behind me and some sang the washing song “washing, washing all the dirt away, washing washing all the dirt away….”   Jill scrubbed the other side as it is very vigorous work to do this!! and we continued to scrub and scrub until it was time to RINSE again.  Rinsing, drying, blow drying and the like took place and then came, the inspection!  They looked at every side of the bus and gave it a thumbs up for a job well done. And it was!
Then into the bus and off to the park we went.  When they got there they were so happy just going right to the creek. I brought out the shovels, pails and hammers and away they went.  Paul and Taz got really into digging a big hole and by days end they all were involved with digging, putting water in and MAKING MUD BALLS!!!! Giselle, Taz, myself, and Paul really had a good time with this yet everyone else were all playing in different ways with the mud.
We watched what happened when we threw our mud balls into the water.  We felt many different textures and compared what it feels like depending on how much water and dirt we put together.
Taz was delighted when he made it across the creek with Paul and Alice.  He was very scared at first but then, he made it!!  The three of them went back at the end of the day to get Paul’s shoes and they walked across again with such ease and delight.
The big part of the day was when Emme’s Mom came to visit for lunch.  Emme was so delighted. She ate and played with us all for about an hour and then had to go but Emme was not keen on that.  It’s a good thing Mom knows her daughter so well because she set her up in a sweet little bed on a hill and there Emme stayed content.  Aoife came to visit her later on and then she stayed there for the very last part of the day oh well, she left for a little bit of mud play.
A very peaceful, easy, joyful last day.

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