Palo Alto Tender Tracks Jan. 15, 2014 Wednesday Class Day 17

Full Moon
Hidden Villa

Hailey is no longer with us as her Mother decided that she wanted to spend Wednesdays with just the two of them. And today we were very blessed to have Aurora’s Mom and baby sister with us.  They were both a big hit! Nareya just loved playing with the little sister and held her hand throughout the day. She is 2 and a real trouper!  She fell many times and without a blink of the eye, just got right back up and off she went.
When we got to Hidden villa they played for a bit on the natural play structures there and then we had circle.  The story today was about how come some trees have leaves all winter and some do not.  We were sitting under a tree that lost its leaves and near some trees that did not. And, during circle, we were blessed with birds that felt so comfortable that they kept on feeding on the ground!  Do you know what birds might be ground birds that peck for seeds all around us in our area?
We sang some new songs and I just couldn’t bring myself to sing any cold and wintery songs as, well, it was so warm. It has been so warm and it feels like SPRiNG!!
After all of this we made our way to the new baby sheep that are about a week or two old.  Such a delight.  Natalie was beside her self with excitment to see the Cow as her brother recently was able to milk her, so she called us all over there.   We then went to the dry creek bed over the bridge to eat some lunch before we went to see the chickens and the pigs.
Last time we ate where the chickens were the children were surrounded by all the chickens! Eating was a bit challenging and half put all their lunch away to get away from the chickens.  This time I thought it best to give the children an easier time with eating.
We were surrounded by many trees throughout the day that did and did not have leaves.
The children had a good time playing in the creek, eating, and climbing up on this old stump but then, it was time to go see the chickens and pigs before we had to leave so off we went.
Inside, there were not as many chickens roaming free as last time but Auroras Mommy was able to catch a chicken and almost all the children petted it while it was cozy in her arms.  I caught one as well with less children around so some got to pet another one as well.  The pigs had grown a great deal since we last saw them yet were still playful.  And the children transformed into pigs and put themselves in the pig cage at the end of the sty.  They really love doing this!
The day was so very warm, sunny and friendly.   I was more than delighted to be back with all of your treasures and sharing the Earth and Sky together.


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