Palo Alto Tender Tracks Wednesday Feb.27, 2013

Wanning Moon
Day 23
Foothill Park-The Big Meadow

All were here accept Mindy.  Julian’s Mom and his little sister came to join us. This was such a lovely, lovely, lovely treat.  It was an honor to have all of them with us.  The day was like mid spring and by the end of the day it was just truly hot.  We sang our songs in the bus and just could  not sing anything about King Winter.   We did however sing our raining songs and I  do believe we will sing them for awhile with the hopes that they will bring some much needed rain to us.
They all knew where we were going when we got to the Park yet first, The Magic Bathroom was needed by about half and so we tended to those needs and then made our way over to the beloved tree in the meadow, near the Lake and near the old Fire Pit.
We had circle with snack and a story about Spring is Just Around the Corner.    On and off throughout the day I would bring their attention towards the buds growing and the baby plants all around.
We had so much play all around today. First it was Harper and Duncan who remembered being Dragons and longed for a repeat of this.  I made Duncan a Dragon tail from Cattail leaves and dried Sweet Gum tree Leaves.  Many of us found charcoal from the Fire Pit and we made “paint” with it and drew pictures on the rocks with it.  They painted my face up well. While some of us were doing that, others were with Julian’s Mom, Mishka, Serena and Zara by the pond.  I do believe they were fishing.  Julian would go back and forth between them and us. The Dragon group met a very nice man and his two year old daughter who played with us for awhile.
I shared with Juliette how to take a stick and mash the charcoal into the paint to make it very fine for painting our faces.  She loved this and then all of them wanted to do it as well so, they did!   Duncan wanted to be painted too so he and I became beautiful Black and NICE dragons. Harper would have prefered that we were Bad Dragons but Duncan wanted nothing to do with that and she was not insistant about her needs.
Serena then came over to the hill and was making something.  I thought it was a Fairy wand but Julian let me know that it was something else.  Iit was was a Christmas tree decorated.  She was taking leaves and sticking them into the pine cones.
There was an idea to take other Pine Cones and roll them down the hill so we went to gather many pine cones and there were many fun races.  But then, Harper wanted to play base ball. She found just the right stick and began hitting the cone.  Others followed.
There were many more games, play, eating, running around and then, packing up, right when they were all just truly settling in.

What was so beautiful about today was not only the glorious Sun, the quiet that was all about but, the unity that is getting greater and greater.  Walking back Harper, Davey and Duncan were all holding hands and loving it.  In the bus on the way back, Davey was given a Field Guide book and he and Mishka, sitting next to each other, were sharing looking at the pages together.  It was so beautiful to see how each one of them are growing and growing and moving right into beautiful four year olds.
My heart was as warm as the Sun that shone on our bodies.

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