Palo Alto Tender Tracks Day 62 May 29, 2012

Waxing First Quarter Moon
Hidden Villa: The Big Rock

Alexi and Jasper were absent today.
The children were there squirrely selves and circle time was almost put aside for the day but, they REALLY don’t like when that  becomes a possibility so they decided to become a unified circle and hear the stories and receive snack.  And so that is what happened.  You see Anjalie and Grace were loving each other so much it became quite a big distraction.  They had some choices but Grace in particualar was  less then pleased with these choices.  Anjalie had a far easier time switching gears.  It seems that the two of them have exchanged behaviors a bit.  And so this is the way it so often goes……

After circle and scattering into play we made our way to Hidden Villa to go to the Big Rock.
They were actually quite fine going right past all of our favorite places, even Lucy past the chickens! to get to the Big Rock.  Kashi was very excited to lead me with my eyes close. He held one of my hands and Bodie the other and Bodie and I made it blind on and off all the way to the bridge before the rock!  When they got there they were ALL so happy. They dropped everything and just ran all around up and over the rock.  After they wore themselves out they finally came to lunch.

Anjalie and Lucy had quietly called me up to the “Story telling Tree” because they needed help.  They wanted to make Fern crowns for everyone.  I helped them but never was able to make more then two crowns.    Lot’s of activity was going on down below so down we ran only to find, the whole group, accept Gracey, were all gone!?
Down the path they went to hide from us and off Anjalie, Lucy and now Grace and I, went down the trail.  After much fun back we all ran.

There was the second round of lunch, chasing games with Audrey, last time runs up and down the rock and then, finding our way back to the bus.   Everyone went ahead because, as we were double checking to see if we all had our belongings Lucy realized she left her hat all the way at the top at the Storytelling Tree.  I waited for her and then she RANNNN all the way up and down. The others really didn’t get too far when we caught up with them.  Then, she went a head and Bodie and I walked easefully back to the bus.  He talked on and on and on with great joy about some very funny videos his brothers made when they were on their trip in Bali.
I was delighted to hear it all.

But oh yes, I did not mention that at the beginning of the day Lucy, and Anjalie found some blue tape with a coccoon type substance with a live spider in it and what looked like an egg sack.   They brought it over and we were all looking  at it to figure out what was really going on here when OUT came the spider!  They later found another one very much like it.  They played and explored with that spider for quite sometime with Kashi joining in and the others coming in and out of this.  It was VERY exciting!!!!

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