Palo Alto Tender Tracks Day 61 May 22, 2012

Waxing Crescent Moon
Wunderlich Park

Kashi was not with us today.
The day was beautiful, fun and nice to go back to visit a place that we have not been to in such a long time.  At first the children did not remember it but it didn’t take long for them to remember this part and that part and the path that led to our favorite place and the place where Bodie fell down the hill and I jumped after him!  In Bodie’s tale I got him but then I fell down and he clambered up.  Maybe it really DID happen that way.?  They remembered right where they scrapped all the charcoal off and painted their faces and going down to the creek.

As we walked to our favorite spot we ate some of the fresh green Rattlesnake weed that will not be good very soon and then, they remembered when the trail turned into the Forests Refrigerator (when you walk into the Forest the temperature drops about 5 degrees).
They immediately went to their favorite place, the Redwood tree with a place to play in, only Jasper and Bodie? Alexi? thought that peeing in there was a good idea.  Now, I am not a boy but I can imagine how that seemed like a grand idea.  There was some fixing of that so it was more inviting to play there but truly, basically just the boys played there and they had an elaborate game all day in and around there.   The girls were busy with other games on other trees and in other areas.
I created a “station” where anyone who wanted to make a Eucalyptus bracelet could.  Throughout the day one or the other would decide that they wanted to.  Audrey wound up becoming a Zombi again and the children just LOVED this as they chased her up and down the hills, through the creeks and the trees.  Laurie brought some children into cloud gazing and the forest gave way to creative self expression and space to move their bodies in assorted and robust ways.

I kept trying to sit in the sun throughout the day because the difference in temperature between the shade and the sun was most noticable!  Therefore, we were on a sloppy hill making bracelets and it was a bit funny.   There was a lot of things in this day that was very funny, but I suppose it is like this most days.

These journals, as the end of the year comes nigh are getting shorter and shorter and the days are filled with more and more exuberance, growth, and maturity.


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