Palo Alto Tender Tracks Day 59, May 15, 2012

Waning Moon

Today a woman named Jill came with us as she will be an apprentice one day a week this coming fall with the four year olds.  Having someone new usually brings the children more into focus and that is what happened.  However, this time of year is, no matter how you cut it, a bit of a whirlwind time.  Giulio was filled with fighting and Bodhi joined in the fun of it all.  They were big with their skills and longings to be big and powerful!  Circle was somewhat settled, and they did come together in a peaceful way with the tender songs that we are singing right now. ( No mistake with these choices!)  The story today was a simple and sweet tale about a Goat herder boy who couldn’t keep his goats out of Mr. Smiths garden.  The fox tried to help him and couldn’t and the rabbit tried to help him and couldn’t and they all cried about this until, the Bee came along and, much to their surprise, this small, small being was able to do what none of them could.   After story they played for a bit and then we went back to Pichetti to gather more Eucalyptus caps and string bracelets.

The Peacock did not greet us today but the children were content to go straight to the pond.    Bodie, Paul and Giulio went to the place they did before with Laurie only this time with Audrey across the beautiful empty pond to the tree that Bodie says is his favorite place to play: The airplane.  The rest of us settled down on the other side right in the midst of the Eucalyptus caps.  There we ate and gathered.  Kashi and Anjalie liked using the awls and putting the holes in the caps.  The others played and then came over to join in with this.  There was much to learn about safety and some surprising reminders as their bodies wanted to do something that felt more easeful as a way to poke holes in them but was not safe.  And, Anjalie found this out when she poked her self and got to see her bright red blood.   We fixed that up straight away and there was no trouble after that.  Kashi finished his bracelet but by days end lost it.  And, right when we got there Jasper and Alexi found the bottle that he lost last Thursday!!! Yeah for that and what joy we all had about this.

They did not find anymore blue belly lizards today but there was a lot of exploring, gathering, and, for Bodie and Giulio, playing with VERY LARGE sticks as they were some kind of weapon that put Audrey into the Earth, dead.  I sang her a great eulogy and somehow, SHE WAS BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE!!!!!!   And so the game went on.

This place is just magical, expansive, meditative, peaceful, welcoming and spacious.  And, that is what came upon all of us throughout the days adventures.

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