Palo Alto Tender Tracks Day 58, May 10, 2012

Waning Moon

Audrey was out ill today.
The children came about 75% more wild and filled with large voices and many words today then our more peaceful return of Tuesday. Circle was nothing like Tuesdays which held cohesion, ease and unity. Today I almost sent them off to play yet when I suggested we leave circle behind for the day without snack or story because their bodies were calling for something else they expressed a great desire to stay within the circle. They rallied yet in truth, something in them was calling forth great outward expression! The story however was truly the only real thing that held them together.  And, since it was so whirlwindy we wound up, instead of singing, going around and saying one thing we were thankful for in that very moment.  This was not easy for most, to find a thank you in the moment,  yet they each found something.

I was amused within myself as all morning I kept hearing this story I know about Gratitude asking me to tell it and then this wound up happening.  This is a part of the journey of deep listening that I love.  Somehow it seems that giving thanks and having gratitude was the theme for the day and I was happy to do my part and roll with it.  When story came they were totally quiet and present.  In the bus Jasper happily made the Moon look the way it does in the sky and Bodie took his very happy time giving out the stuffed animals.

I thought today would be the last day ever for going to Pichetti for the year so right as we pulled up I invited them to be very still and quiet (not an easy task on this particular day!) to see if the Peacock would give us it’s welcoming call.  This hasn’t happened in a very long time yet, THE PEACOCK SANG as we drove up and there it was standing regally on the chicken coop roof!

The children were delighted and ran to see this wonder.  As they did it flared it’s wings and gave a great show! Then off to the pond.   The children are so very skilled at running to where they are instructed to go and wait until the next spot to run to and so they did.  Then up and up and then down and down to the pond but, NO WATER!  Well, I pretty much figured that would be the case.  However, the greenery in the pond was alive and rich with life.

There was  a man, a woman and two children of four years of age there and all of the children took to each other. The man had a net, loved bugs and caught lizards.  Instant friends he made with most of the Tender Trackers.  I encouraged the children at first to go to the otherside of the lake where there is a shelter that they always play in in order to give these people some continued peace from before we came.  When we went over there Alexi actually caught a Blue Belly lizard and Lucy, Anjalie,Grace, and myself  circled around and held it. Well, Lucy and I got it but Gracey and Anjalie did not as it scurred away before it was there turn.

After awhile the man and that group came over. He had a net and all but Kashi, Paul and Bodie were following him around as he caught many delightful bugs and Lizards to show and then release.  They were ENTHRAWLLED and, this Man and Woman were amazed at the focus and peacefulness of your children.  The little boy came over and he and Kashi played in the shelter.  Paul wound up setting up a great eating spot there and sat contentedly for quite sometime eating on his makeshift table.
The little girl was very delighted with Oak Galls and sharing them and then they all had to leave.  Whenever we go there of late we meet such wonderful people.

A big group of the fifth grade science camp kids came around and did what they usually do.  Later in the day, Gracey told me in reference to these folks that she, Anjalie, Alexi and Lucy do not like meeting new people.  ‘Because they might hurt us.’

The children got very involved in searching for bugs and lizards and then began great imaginative games.  I noticed where they were many, many Eucalyptus caps so I gathered some, brought out my awl and Laurie and I began putting holes in the center to make necklaces. One by one they all got involved with gathering these gems and then threading them.  Grace and Kashi made partial necklaces and then, we had to get ready to go. It was then decided that we would come back next Tuesday and finish this wonderful project.

Driving back was far more peaceful until the last 8 minutes of coming back but even then it settled quickly. They expended their energy and found some rest.


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