Palo Alto Tender Tracks Day 46, March 22, 2012

New Moon

Bodie, Giulio and Laurie were absent today and we celebrated Lucy’s birthday.
It was a fine day. Cloudy and questionable for rain yet never gave us that, only strong winds towards the end of the day with invigorating and sweet smelling air.
Lucy was delighted to be celebrating her birthday and at circle time the Traditional birthday story took place only with her own unique milestones added.  She received her nature gift and took very good care of this Heart Stone/ rose quartz and bag to hold it in.  She then passed out her delicious snack for us all and everyone was very, very happy to receive such tasty morsels, chocolate dipped bananas and strawberries.   It was such a delight to sing the birthday songs and this time all the candles actually stayed lit!!! This is a first.

After a wonderful circle and some play we piled in the bus to go to where Lucy wanted, Pichetti!  No trouble, as usual, for any of the kids to go here, as has been said before, because we all love it so much there!
In the bus Jasper was in a less then cooperative space. That was ok because we got very playful around this and I suggested that maybe if we sing a song that he loves to help him  soften a bit so that  we could all go on our adventure for the day.  Audrey began to sing what used to be his favorite, “A Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!” “I don’t like that any more” he said.  So then we tried to remember his other song and he just started to laugh and lightened up very quickly, as he is so apt to do.   I mention this because it was another wonderful group “bonding” moment where the whole supports the individual.  They all, with peaceful hearts, got to experience a peer struggling and then take the time to kindly aid them in flowing with the environment/the group.  All was well, and smiles all around and off we went.

When we got there the Peacock was in full glory and all were excited to go and see if there was any water in the pond. But, OH NOOOOOO!!! there was not! However, up on a hill near where we go we saw some other kids around the children’s age and wondered who they were and what they were doing.   I said after we eat we could go on an adventure to see where they were.

When we got to the pond none wanted to eat and all wanted to explore and discover. They found that the “house” across the pond was almost all taken down so they went over there to inspect this situation.  They just ran all over this open space with such incredible glee.  Paul galloping all around, Kashi skipping, and all children with delightful movements of easeful, child, textbook image of joy.   They finally all came down from this high and did sit down and eat.  I told them a story that I was sure I told them earlier on in the year but all, even Audrey, insisited that I never did so, I told the story about Turkey and the Demon.  There was a reason this story came up but in this moment, it has escaped me.
After eating and listening, I kept my promise and off we went to an adventure, up a big hill and trail that led us to a flat top among Oak trees.  There we came across many debris huts like the ones our Tender Trackers make and some children that behaved just like our Tender Trackers behave.   I introduced us to them and they were quite lovely.  They said that they were with the Wild Child School.  Near them were the fifth grade Science camp kids. We couldn’t go down the trail that they were on for a bit because the boys and girls of that group were taking turns peeing down there.  So, we talked with some of those kids for awhile as well.  It was a very lovely community up there and then, down the hill we went.

Down below we found a great California Newt and then those kids from the Wild Child School came down.  One little girl was very, very friendly and forward and from there on out we all became friends and shared most of the rest of the day making new friends, climbing logs together, playing baseball with Oak Galls, checking out the California newt together and really, really, enjoying this new friendship with people who played outdoors like we do!!!!!

The run back to the bus was delightfully fun as the wind was picking up and it was, SO DELICIOUS!!!
It was a wonder filled day and a delight to celebrate Lucy.

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