Palo Alto Tender Tracks Day 31, Jan.19, 2012

Waning Crescent Moon
Hidden Villa

News that rain was to come in the afternoon was heard and I decided to make and Executive decision:  skip circle and go straight to Hidden Villa so we could see the pigs and chickens the way we wanted to on Tuesday and then easily find a way to be with the rain in the afternoon.  If we did circle in the morning we might have missed our chance to be with the animals due to excessive rain.  It turned out that it never did rain but no matter. And, by the time we actually took care of all needs and such, it was 11 before we made our way to the chickens, a typical time.
I could title the day the same as the developmental book by  Louise Bates Ames, PHD about four year olds Your Four-Year Old: Wild and Wonderful.  That pretty much describes the overall energy of the day.

Jasper was a bit, well, I don’t know what you would call it, irritated? needing to move his body more? whatever it was, when we went to the “Big Rock” he found a great deal of ease as he used his rubber like body to ROLL and tumble down the hills. Kashi and he were in and out of the classic fours Best Friend/Worst friend interactions, Gracey  just loved being with Jasper and at the end of the day she kind of trapped him in a laying on hug. He was actually bent backwards with her hugging him! He laughed though and  I am chuckling with the memory of it.  Giulio was active and loving running around, Aleki was REALLY happy being around the chickens and trying to catch them and, HE DID!!!!!!!! He was the only one who had the gift of catching them today accept for Kashi.  I saw Kashi go to pick one up several times. Each time that he got his arms around it he got scared and backed away.   Bodie, Gracey, Paul, and Giulio spent a lot of time just sitting and having fun in front of four baby pigs that were mostly sleeping.  Lucy and Anjalie were content trying to catch chickens. They found three eggs that were outside the chicken house and Aleki was proud of himself for sharing this with a group that came into the area.
There were a lot of groups coming in the chicken and pig area and the children were beginning to get beautifully creative with some fallen down branches there.  I felt that that was in conflict with the incoming groups and I didn’t want them to feel stiffled so I had us leave the area and go towards the Big Rock, not knowing if would even make it there but thinking it would nice to aid their fullness of exuberance.   As we were going there we came across a small pond covered with a layer of ice that was explored, then a pond with barely any water in it, Goats, and then, a mystery.  We found two dead squirrels that looked like they had been partially run over, both of them. They were about 5 to 6 feet apart.  One had some kind of cut on it’s face and the other was all the way opened and looked like it had been dead for longer then the other.  The questions were, “How did they die?”  “How did they both get here?’  and so many more questions. We came up with many possibilities yet it was very curious.  It is not like Squirrels are easy to run over, two at the same time five feet apart?  They are pretty, well, Squirrelly!= They run if they see trouble!

After much time with that we made our way down the path into the forest and to the Big Rock.  Well, that was so much fun.  They just went for it.  However, towards the very, very end of the day Lucy said she had to pee.  She acted like she was going to just go find a tree.  Then the children kept saying “don’t go there it is poopy, don’t go there it is poopy.”  I thought they had found some scat but it started to sound like something different.  I looked over and Lucy pooped right in the middle of the trail at the top of the rock.  I went to go get the shovel to take care of this and when I got back Anjalie had done the same right there.  There was a discussion about where to poop, if you really need help and don’t get it fast enough where to go and so on….. I then wiped them up, though they already pulled their pants up, cleaned the area up, and then we got ready to go back to the bus.

On the way back all were in the bus but Kashi, Paul and Giulio.  Giulio came crying ahead as he said that Paul and Kashi were not being friendly.  After all were in the bus there was a respect of Giulio’s sadness and bringing this to Kashi and Paul’s awareness.  They did not show signs of feeling much for his woes as in their minds eyes they were playing.  However, I brought some awareness around how each and everyone of them, and this is completely true, have all been unfriendly to someone and had someone be unfriendly to them here in Tender Tracks.  There was a small questioning and discussion about if anyone liked this to happen to them and if there were anything we can do to be more supportive, caring and respectful of one another.  The usual healthy answers came forth but mostly, or at least my intention, was to bring group awareness of each others feelings, of their own feelings and a seed planted for taking personal responsibility when someone is doing something you don’t like ie, go away or get support from an adult.  I do not support the idea that anyone is a victum, but rather encourage awareness that we have a choice each and every time in these situations with our friends.
So ideas shared, tears dried up, ease arriving and singing on the way back filling the bus.

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