Palo Alto Tender Tracks Day 28, Jan. 10, 2012

Waning Crescent Moon
Car wash and Stevens Creek Preserve

Bodie was not here today but Grace was back! The mood was high energy and quite wild actually.  The day began slowly with people trickling in one by one.  For circle they had a very long story about the 12 Month Brothers.  You can find this book in the library.  Another story bringing in awareness to the names of the Months and the seasons.   For snack I brought them cookies that were  a gift from Kashi and his Mom for Christmas.  The children loved them and Kashi recognized them.

Today we went to wash the bus so that we could paint half of it, leaving the other side for the Marin children to paint.  It will be fun to see the different sides this coming Thursday.   The car wash was, as always, so very fun with squeals  of delight as the water  splashed all over but wait, first there was getting the coins and putting them in the machine, getting their towels and THEN water spraying and much running from it.  As the soap foamed all around they followed with their little towels scrubbing and scrubbing.  Then there was the washing away of the soap and drying and drying.   There was still time left so I used the air blower.  The time ran out, we stopped and then, for some reason, the blower came back on!  So there was delight when I had the blower blow on them.  AHHHHH such running, laughing and joy.   We surveyed our work and decided that we did a fine job of cleaning the bus and now it was time to paint it.     Stevens creek preserve was closer choice and less time to get to so I went there.   Anjalie remembered that we had been to this place last year and remembered the log that used to be across the creek.  As a matter of fact she was so sharp and bright minded today. Every time I would ask a question about anything she instantly figured it out and gave the answer and then sat there with such a delighted and peaceful smile about it.    We have not come here since the later part of last school year because there was construction.  They put in many picnic tables and barbecue pits.

The children ran down there, got their food out but then went straight to running over and over the bridge.   It appeared that Paul’s backpack got left at the Laying Down tree so myself, Audrey and Jasper brought enough food for him to be quite satisfied with.  Jasper really just sat down with him and shared half of his lunch while the two of them had a good time being together while they ate.      Paul was his usual self, not flustered and quite happy with the food that was given with his own discretion toward other offerings that weren’t as appealing to his palate.

When they all were running over the bridge and creating games around that Jasper bumped into Alexi and Alexi was not happy about this at all and did not want anyone running over the bridge anymore or rather only one at a time.    Jasper was not keen on this and did not want to stop to hear Alexi’s feelings or suggestions.  Kashi was being unpleasant with Jasper and didn’t want to hear Jasper’s feelings and there was a bit of this going on throughout the day.  One child doing something the other didn’t like and then the other not being that interested in taking the time to listen.  And, from my perspective, they are right on target developmentally. So, on goes the “conflict resolution” journey and the journey of impulse control, awareness of others desires in relationship to oneself and maybe altering your needs, wants and desires to include someone elses and…….. so it goes.  Your strategies, thoughts and insights are ALWAYS welcome as I move and facilitate in the style that I am versed in.
There was also explorations beyond the bridge. Kashi found a great Eucalyptus tree and went climbing up in it and then wasn’t sure that he could figure out how to get down.  He did and then I discovered what looked like aWood rats nest and then Jasper discovered some scat.   I was delighted with that and brought it down to see if it matched any of the scat pictures I had on a scat card of mine.  Giulio, Jasper, Paul and I were there checking this out.  The picture had a penny next to the scat and they wondered why.  Audrey brought out a penny, we put it next to the scat and we got to see how big or small the poop was in comparison.  Giulio was excited about the poop because he remembered the first day of Tender Tracks when we found the dead Wood rat. He really thought the scat matched this one picture and I was in agreement with him.  Paul was not sure though.  There was debate as we compared what was in front of us to the pictures.  It was then time to get ready for painting.

Lucy, Alexi and Anjalie filled pails with water for rinsing our hands,  while Gracey and I poured out all of the paint for everyone near the bus.   All came up to the bus and the painting commenced.  There was much involvement with this as well as creativitiy.  When the color mixing happened that was even more exciting to see how the colors merged with each other and what showed up on the bus.  Then there was checking out what we had done, clean up and back to where we were for a little more of exploring.   A great chase of Audrey happened, then to me, then, Audrey and I to THE CHILDREN……… then finally, packing up and going back to the bus.
Jasper, Kashi and Alexi helped scout out where we were to see if anything of our belongings were left behind.  We found one thing and then made our way back to the rest of the group.   On the ride back, as has been for the last week,Kashi has led everyone in a string of Christmas songs.  Maybe he will be a Chorus leader?!   It has been very sweet and calming.  Most of the children know a lot of the words to these traditional songs and Kashi knows them all!  So what is the album you have been playing during the holiday season Jen?


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