Palo Alto Tender Tracks Day 22 & 23, 2011

Waxing Moon

Audrey and Kashi were absent today.  I am writing this over a week later due to my illness so this will be short due to lingering “brainfog.”

It was an incredibly fabulous, sweet, quiet, playful and joyful day.  The weather was warm, the sky was blissfully protective and kind. We searched all over and under many, many logs to find newts and the like. We found NONE!  We climbed the big laying down tree, found two ways to get to our place and there was so much that happened. What I remember more than anything was the joy all around and the exploits and explorations that took place.

The next Tuesday I was out again and then last Thursday Audrey and Brooke took the day in their own hands. They played at  Eleanor Pardee Park and walked to the Jr. Museum.  I heard there were a couple of falls and scrapes during play but generally, though a bit more chaotic then the norm, they had a fine time.

I thank you Brooke yet again for your willingness to help out.  Much gratitude to you.

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