Palo Alto Tender Tracks Day 16, Nov. 3, 2011

November 2011 Tender Tracks Songs

Waxing Moon
Thornwood Open space Preserve

Alexi was absent today.

Today was Jaspers Birthday celebration. His birthday was actually on Wednesday yet we got to celebrate him on this day.  He and Amity brought a wonderful snack for us all; cupcakes and sliced pears.  We had the traditional birthday story, lighting of candles and giving of the Heart stone gift that then goes into a bag and singing our Nature Birthday song.  They were all still riveted and still as the story was told, the candles were lit, (which still do not light so easily!!!) and then eating snack.  So beautiful.  Since it was Jaspers birthday he got to choose where we would adventure, if he wished.  He chose to take my suggestion and go to a place that they have not gone before.  I was actually quite happy about this.  I wait until the children are old enough to take them to this wonderful place where all a long the way there are great land marks to guide our way and adventures to be had.  We then end up in a beautiful Redwood grove and a pond near by.

The walk down was so very magickal and the children really got into finding all of the land marks. They are the first group ever to actually find them all!  Some are not easy to find as they are descriptions like the “Snakey Tree”,

a tree whose base looks kind of like a snakes face or “Grandmother fallen down with her legs sticking up”, a large tree that fell down and it’s roots are sticking up where they can climb it.

As we walked through “Soap root Heaven” we dug up lot’s of soap root bulbs, because there was an abundance, so that we can make paint brushes and get some soap and make some glue.  They all helped dig them up and then they carried them, for awhile.

By the time we got to the last land mark we were at the Great Big Doug Fir tree. Here they all go one by one in total silence down the path, feeling the Hazelnut trees soft and beautiful leaf and making their way to the place where the sun is shining.  They were incredible how they all got to the bottom and did not make a sound as they waited for everyone to get there.  A FIRST!!

They then scattered to find their favorite places to eat in this wonderland of strong and mighty Redwood trees, Willow trees below near the pond and Doug fir’s standing tall all around.

Gracey was like a wilting flower though so she ate very little and stayed near Laurie most of the day.  It turns out she had a fever and was truly not feeling well.   Bodi held either my hand or someone elses as we walked but then played and played with the others once we got to our desitnation.  Jasper and Audrey went on a grand adventure all around the pond finding marvelous plant treasures and such.   Anjalie, Lucy, and  Giulio,  were delightfully playing all around and climbing up the Redwood trees with great stories and Kashi was determined to eat up the hill.  Well, it was on a good slope and he was slightly baffled by how/why  his food containers fell, down, down, down the hill.  Jasper ran to get them for him too!

The entire day was so, so very sweet, gentle, inclusive and playful. But I think I have been describing these days like this. And, it is just the truth!

Our walk back was just as fun as coming and they tracked back all the landmarks!

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