Palo Alto Tender Tracks Day 14, Oct. 27, 2011

Day after New Moon
Foothill Park

Today was our All Family Halloween party and all but Christie and Bodi were there.  YOU WERE VERY MISSED!!!

What a lovely, lovely day it was with first, such a sweet circle of songs and stories and then wonderful games that you were so present to.  Adrienne, I have such a warm and joyful image in my minds eye of you and Giulio working, without hands, to get those hanging treats!  Truly a magickal sight to see.  And you two did it!  And Amanda, YEAH!!! the first parent ever to just go for it and stick your head right into that pot and get the apple!!

When the children walked in the forest to find their pumpkins, shaking their instruments and bringing their open eyes, my heart was warmed to see how you all were so present and participating with them. And then, to see the creations that you co created, what beauty!!! And of course when they all organically lined up their pumpkins and lit them and then we ate in front of the pumpkins, well that was yet another, beautiful sight to behold.

This day I think was the finest Tender Tracks Halloween party and I am sure it had a lot to do with you wonderful, wonderful parents.

Thank you, thank you. But oh dear, I forgot one of the most wonderful parts, getting their hand dyed capes and putting their crowns on!  Often times I have had children not want to dress in the costumes of nature but today, they all had such fun in these hand made costumes.  Well all right, Giulio was not interested but he did partake of the making and in truth, we are all so delightfully unique in or likes, dislikes, wants and not wants.

I hope we get to see Jennifers marvelous photos of this day because I know there were some wonder filled ones for all to view.  I will do what I can, with Jennifers help? to put some on the web.

Thank you Laurie for providing the apples and Audrey for the pumpkins and you parents for your gracious and open natures.

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