Palo Alto Tender Tracks April 4, 2013

Waning Moon
Day 54
Hidden Villa

There was just Miu, Aoife, Emme and Paul today along with Audrey and I.  It was a very sweet, quiet and gentle day.  I appreciate the days when different configurations take place with the children.  New worlds get created and experienced and I get to see different aspects of their personalities arise.
We had our snack which consisted of dip  I made from the Chickweed they all gathered at Hidden Villa on Tuesday and chips.    Paul LOVED the dip but the others were not as impressed. So, Paul got to take the rest home even though he wanted to finish eating the whole jar right there and then.   Out of honoring the lunch his parents made for him though I thought it best to curtail polishing it all off in one sitting.  After snack and a story about a Sunny day, Cloudy day, Rainy day and finding Rainbows, we went in search of THE WATERFALLS!  This is a place I have not taken them before so off we went.  We had to pass the sheep and the cow and the pigs and chickens, go over the bridge and keep going.  Miu was not too excited about walking but we made it to the goats and took a bit of time looking at them and seeing how pretty they were.  There was a lot of questions about if they were all boys or girls and the one who was sitting down  we decided to check out on the way  back.
We made it to the big rock and some wanted to stop there yet the final consensus was to go all the way to the Water falls and stop.
The walk was just beautiful and all day Emme was in awe and amazement over the beauty of everything and was sharing that all day.    When we got there they set up their lunches on different rocks and after eating wonderful exploring began to happen.
Aoife, Emme, Paul and I took a grand adventure up the rocks and the water falls and then I was getting a bit concerned.  Audrey and Miu were way behind us so I thought I would go back and see how they were and if they wished to join us.  Well, they were quite fine and already on their way. We all joined up and carried on with our exploration of the creek.  We found one spot that had these wonderful waterfalls, pools of water and stones to paint with so we stayed there for quite some time.  They all liked painting with the rocks. Then Emme and Audrey went for another adventure and came back with stories and we shared our stories of our experiences while they were gone.
The entire day was filled with ease and great explorations.
On our way back we did check out the Goat that was sitting down earlier and it was a girl.  So off we went with more information and experience about GOATS!

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