Palo Alto Tender Tracks April 24, 2014 Day 60!

Waning Crescent Moon
Huddart Park

Another very beautiful day!  Our circle time was very fun as we got to use the gift that Finn and his family gave me for my birthday; a tea pot with beautiful flowering tea.  I brought hot water so we put the clear glass tea pot in the middle, put the gentle white tea ball in, poured the hot water over and watched it begin to open up and flower.  Only half wanted to try it yet it was just so beautiful to observe how it slowly opened.  I was inspired by the wind we had last week and a bit on this day too so I told them a story called Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle.  A story about why it is important to have wind.
After circle we began a journey to a spot that we have been to before.  But we didn’t go far before we found grand treasures of bugs, caterpillars and birds all a long the way to spend time with.  I gave them some song lines to follow and it led us to a great big tree trunk bent over perfectly for them all to try their hand at getting across. Each in their own way they did.  There were more trees to climb and Cole was very up for that and found so many.   We then moved along until we found our open space and creek to spend the rest of the day.
Jill, Cole and Julian spent most of the day down the creek away from us.  They were VERY excited when they came back because they found some fish.  Cole wanted to share this with everyone very much but by the time they got back we had to pack up and leave.
The rest of them, well, we all spent time down in the creek. Zara and Eden thought they found California Newts.  It turned out it was a soaking Bay Nut Baby.   Juliette and Serena were having fun at the top of our spot playing, finding treasures and then making a map. Serena was the map maker and loved this and Juliette helped, as she wanted to and Serena was quite happy with that.  Finn, was in delight with climbing the hardest sections to climb and Zac and Ridham were having fun climbing, painting with rocks and going bare foot in the cold water.
Right before we left Ridham and Cole, our Earth keepers, checked the area to make sure nothing of ours was left behind.
It was such a fine and beautiful last day before our week off.

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