Monday Tender Tracks April 16, 2012

Last Quarter Waning Moon
The Lakes area near the look out spot half between the toll booth and Lake Lagunitas

I have been talking about taking them here and exploring for quite awhile and today was the day.  However, my idea and vision of the day never came to pass.  The day THEY were in the flow for is what was desired and so, it happened.  Which is how this program is pretty much set up yet I thought it was rather funny.   They REALLY wanted to go a very short distance and stay right there!

We found a path when we got out of the bus, it went to the waters, we wandered around the lake, found a log, they wanted to eat a snack and there we sat.  I told them a story, they ate and then, the play and exploration took place.  Today’s unfoldment was just that.  A sweet, peaceful unfolding of so many discoveries.   Purnat found an incredible being in the water that he thought was a tadpole.  He finally pulled it out and it was a perfect, yet dead, large Potatoe bug.  He then found a leg of a crawdad.  Oh wait a minute maybe that was Aero.  It must have been because Aero was IMMERSED waist deep in the water having the time of his life. He just loved it and didn’t mind getting wet and exploring.   We followed the little tunnels made by, most likely, voles or small rodents and came across what looked like Deer lays.  Bodhi LOVED this and snuggled right in.  Purnat cuddled up to him and the two of them cuddled with huge smiles about it all.  They found this great large stick that looked like a prehistoric sea horse.  We all worked together with another stick to get it out and we did it!  They found a lot of sticks that were played with.

We looked under other logs and found lot’s of treasures.  Bodhi was really into stomping so they stomped and stomped and stomped down this bunch of mud and grass where they rolled a log from and into the water.  What was so wonderful about this is that later on they were on a big log that turned into an amubulance.  Well, Aero discovered that the ambulance was broken and they needed to fix it.  So, they started to patch it up with the little sticks they found below, like a puzzle.  I suggested that they use “mud glue”/ mud mixed with grasses, to put the pieces together.  At first Bodhi went to the waters edge to get the mud and then I saw this plentiful section of mud from their earlier stompings. YEAH! how great, they had LOT’S of glue!  they must have spent 30 to 40 minutes completely involved in this project and seeing the three of them stomping and stomping to make more glue was a true delight.

We were surrounded by an incredible array of bird sounds and got to see a beautiful White Egret and hear the callings of the Turkeys.   The waters sparkled with their fairy beauty and the winds gave gentle music to all of our ears.

They all played in and out with each other in on going games that morphed from this theme to the next taking turns with themes. But they were the most fun watching how much they all loved just moving logs around and building all manner of imaginary creations with them or discovering what was under, over or on them.

Your children are a delight and each Monday is like desert being with them.

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