Monday Marin Tender Tracks March 19, 2012

Waning Crescent Moon
Deer Park

What an absolutely beautiful and fabulous day.  The boys were alive, bright and filled with fun and play.  They began the day with the joy of hiding the grease board with the note of where we are going to go and this time Purnat joined in. So, they were indeed a unified group. After playfully singing, getting stuffies and giving thanks for the day off we went.  When we arrived we began our journey and made it to the open meadow where the bicyclist love to make ramps and fly over them.  I found a shovel, Purnat got REALLY into having it and Aero found another. Bodhi was very unhappy that he couldn’t have it and found a way to wait his turn.  Aero after a time gave it to Bodhi and throughout the day this sort of initial struggle yet offering things one to the other took place.  More unifying actions.

Purnat got very into digging, Bodhi was into making mud cakes/ peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and Aero found a big Axe.  He LOVED this Axe and this one he very much did not want to share.  At the end of the day Purnat was convinced that because it was smaller it couldn’t be heavier than his taller shovel.  This is so very classic four year old cognitive thinking. It takes children a while to figure this piece out and it is always fun to see it happen just the way “the books” describe it.

The played and played her until I wanted to get them further into the woods and towards the radiant water, the “gift of the Cloud children.”  We made our way to the trail and once there they  then got very engaged in the path and where we might go.  The path had quite a few challenging parts. Bodhi struggled the most and Aero the least and the other two helped Bodhi when he got frightended.   We made it across water, logs, skinny, skinny path ways and finally to a radiant and wonderful Forest!

We immediately sat down to eat because by this time it was well after 11.   After eating we found our way to a place that Bodhi had been to and played at with the Wednesday group.  We began to make the most MARVELOUS shelter and continued on with this on and off throughout the rest of the day.  It truly was wonderful.  I tried to take a picture but I still don’t know how to do this on my phone.  I am sad about that and MUST remedy this lack of knowledge!!

Aero found a wonderful path way up the hill near a whole lot of fallen logs. Purnat and Bodhi were so impressed with how he climbed up so high so we all went up to him and explored and then had to figure out how to get down!  More problem solving, more helping each other and down we all made it.   There was also running races up and down the hill and rolling and then there were stories and on our way back, Bodhi, accept for one spot, moved right through all the spots that were challenging. Puranat was filled with more moving out and into his strength such as, digging big holes with a very large shovel, and running ahead with the other boys instead of staying with me.  Aero was very cuddly yet his typical explorative self.

This day was such a joy as they all played with one another and shared the strengths and support one to the other.

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