Monday Marin Tender Tracks March 12, 2012

Last Quarter Moon
Nicasio land:
Native Grass Ranch
250 Road to Ranches
Nicasio, Ca.

What a fine day back from holiday.  They all started out very bright and chipper and ended the day even more connected then when they began.  We started with Aero and Bodhi very into hiding the dry erase board, as they have done before.  They think this is SOOSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    They finally got in their seats, got stuffies and off we went.  As we drove I pointed out many things outside for us to see and notice.  We followed a truck that had some things falling out, like little leaves, and we became ingrossed in the discovery of what this truck was really carrying.   When we got there they immediately went to a big tractor truck type of vehichle. We looked for lot’s of clues that would answer our question “what does this machine do?”  We checked it out all around and finally left to go on the adventure they chose, back to the lake and the Cattail forest.

As we walked up the hill there was tracking, seeing Turkey Vultures and other birds and then, they found some clumps of “clay.”  They wanted to take the clay to the water and make mud so each one of them carried a big chunk and back to walking we went.
We climbed under the fence, went down the wet grassy hill, through a small opening, under the Willow tree because the Lake has filled up more and the water level is higher, and to the open area where the Lake opens up. There we propped our belongings near the Cattails and carried on.   Aero and Bodhi went straight away to the water and played and played with their clay. I quietly came over and heard Aero singing, “Funga a la fia….”  Purnat wanted to eat so I stayed with him. I began to gather some Cattails to make a basket and he kept eating and then explored the area to find a whole village of Rolly Pollies!!   Purnat and I went over to them and then Bodhi left the area and Aero and Purnat were playing with throwing things in the water to see what would float and what sounds the different sizes thrown in made.  Then we all met at our eating spot and ate. There I told them a couple of stories and then, the playing of another sort began.

At first it was just collecting some of the Cattails and then we gathered the grasses. Then there were homes being made, then the new GOOD EARTH was made. It was large and wonderful.  Purnat and Bodhi were building that while Aero and I were building the old Good Earth.  Then Bodhi and Purnat wanted to bury me. I got buried then Bodhi Really wanted to be buried then Aero and then we ended up burying Bodhi about half a dozen times or more.  Everyone! thought this was quite fun and we did this until we had to leave.  Then Bodhi and Aero became bull dozers and pushed all the grasses to one area to keep the place in order for the next visitors there.

We did much cloud and sky assessing today for weather and watching and listening to many birds.  There was great tracking going on and sharing of games and adventures as well as being led by Bodhi through the wilds of the Cattail forest.  Frogs came to seranade us and the sky contiued to get darker and darker with more suspicions that rain was on it’s way.

On our way back they took turns finding the bus and the trail from whence we came.
We hopped in the bus and continued noticing all the things that were around us all the way back.



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