Monday Marin Tender Tracks April 9, 2012

Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Computer back in business here. YEAH!!!
Today each one of the boys came with divergent energies.  Purnat began with really wanting to stay with Mom, Bodhi was into his words “NEVER” and “Kill, kill, kill” ( more sharing about that down the page) and Aero it seemed was on a bit of an Easter day sugar drop as he would say “can we just sit here and watch…” anything to watch, just sit and watch.  Well, lucky for Aero, today was some controlled burning at the Lakes and we DID sit for a while and watch the Fire Men gather and pull together debri and what not for burning.  They were very friendly Fire Men and talked with us at the beginning and the end of the day and were just friendly and welcoming in general.  We found out that they were burning some of the Green Doug Firs because those Tree’s take over areas and push out the Oaks and all other growing things.  I did not know this.  I always experienced them as rather benevolent beings. Well, maybe they are and they just are quite comfortable growing where and when they like!

Aero wanted to eat rather early and the others had no trouble with that so after starring at the fire for a while and hearing a few stories from me, we found another place by the water to sit, eat, hear more stories and listen to the INCREDIBLE grunts of the Comorants, look around to see if there were any frogs about and explore the little area we were in.  But after a bit of eating they got drawn back into watching the fire.  We did the same kind of thing and then made our way away from there down the trail and to another more open area.    There we stayed and discovered many wonders of the pond, how to make underwater clouds, making  telephones in the water, ( concentric rings), making pretend fires and fire pits, finding spiders, learning why spiders eat flies and….MORE STORIES!

Bodhi was really into “Kill, kill, kill.”  He only wanted to kill the people that he didn’t know.  Often times it is easy to get worried about this type of language.  However, when looking more closely it is telling of something that is living within him.  There is something that he doesn’t want. He doesn’t want it so much that he has utilized what he knows about the word Kill, and wishes that which is uncomfortable to be gone via the knowledge of , kill.  A brilliant and healthy reaction.  Adults job, help him embrace and move through the discomfort.    So, I spent a lot of playful time exploring his world and what it would be like if all these unknown people were gone.  The story Peter Pan and Captain Hook came up from it and from there it all became quite playful and we were all laughing at the silliness of it all.  In the world of Play Therapy one goes far more into following the child’s theme as a way of understanding their world. It’s like a dream which is a world full of symbology waiting to be discovered and understood in order to allow greater unfoldment for the dreamer.

We finally needed to go and I wanted to allow some extra time so that they could see if the fire was still burning, as we wanted to do at the beginning.  Aero got some energy so he and Bodhi ran up ahead.  We then stayed with the Firemen who were eating their lunch and talked again with them for a bit then went on to explore all the Orange cones that were down below in the forest.  I would put my ear up to them and you could hear water rushing.  Aero followed.  Bodhi was onto other things and Purnat was exploring areas like the waterfall with me.    We finally made it to the bus and laughed with fun stories all the way back. And oh yes, we ate fresh young spring Doug Fir shoots.  They are DELICIOUS and filled with Vit. C!

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  1. Almora
    Almora says:

    I have been concerned about Bodhi’s use of the word Kill lately…and Jai is mimicking him…I feel embarrassed to be in public with both of them chanting Kill Kill Kill. Bodhi & Jai seem to know that I am uncomfortable and have taken to going into the bedroom together and pointing at characters in a picture book and saying Kill quietly. So I really appreciate Wendolyn’s approach and honoring. The other day as we approached the playground, Bodhi said he would kill anyone whose name he did not know so there was one little girl (age 2) with her grandma and we went right up and Bodhi asked her name so he wouldn’t have to kill her. I was so proud that he identified what he needed and was able to aks for it. It was a simple yet huge step to see.


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