Monday Marin Tender Tracks April 23, 2012

Crescent Waxing Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

What a beautiful, beautiful, true childhood day.   They were alive in play, present moment, curiosity, and spontaneity.
When we got to Roy’s they immediately went down the slope in front of us and were in the mode of memory from past times and then their bodies moved them forward.  We noticed how the water was less where once it was so flowing we could not even get past it without getting wet.  Aero then found “Algae” as Purnat called it, me, “Mermaids Hair,” and Bodhi had some kind of name oh, maybe just “slim!” As we walked down this creek with the Algae that Aero was enjoying carrying and playing with we came across big logs.  All of them had fun walking across them and getting to a big jutting out log that was “A ship” says Aero.  They spoke of cannon balls and the like and then I told them all about the Scottsmen in skirts/kilts who this time of year  compete to see who can throw the “cannon ball” the farthest. And I told them about how they throw tall, tall straight trees like the ones we were climbing on to see who can throw them the farthest.  They were quite intrigued by that and did their best to see how far they could throw some things.  We then continued to scamper across a very big felled Redwood tree and then explore magickal “caves” in the Redwood tree grove right there.   We ate a little snack and heard a story about Why Dragon’s are really here:  To take away all of our fears and bad dreams.

Then off to explore, finding tracks and making tracks.  Aero discovered a WONDERFUL Redwood nook that was so inviting.  We plopped down there and played and played.  They continued to morph into many wonderful things.  I became some odd creature with musing sounds and then Aero and I began talk in this non language, language way.   Purnat found serveral California baby newts and salamanders and Bodhi was excitied to climb, observe, play and create.  I continued to be this little forest creature and started to bury myself and Bodhi was very into this part. The others joined though at first Purnat didn’t want me to be buried.  But then he found the baby California Newt and we all became intrigued with it and where it came from and how to best tend to it.
The day carried on and then Bodhi discovered that we were right near this place where the Wednesday group had come and built a bridge and a beautiful little shelter.  From then on there was all manner of playing in the water, being completely immersed in the sensations of the mud and then, ALL THREE BOYS WORKING COMPLETELY TOGETHER pulling logs all around from here to there to build?  They had varying stories about what they were building and it ebbed and flowed with wonderment and joy.
This day is so hard to track with words because it was so ethereal and, as I started out saying, so in true form to childhood.
We did track and learn more about how to read the trees, the sky, the weather the clouds and……..

Just a MAGICKAL day!!!

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