Marin Tues/Thurs. Sept. 22, 2015 Day 3

Waxing half Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Another beautiful day where unity and closeness continues to grow. On this day we celebrated Talay’s birthday but first, when we all piled out of the bus great joy and explorations occurred. I gave a new bone flute to Michelle and she began a game” I hide and play the flute, you find me by listening to where the sound is” and off they all went. From there we found some wonderful Redwood hideaways for fun and great explorations up a hill.  Two people on horses rode by and that gave way to great clues and tracking fun later in the day. But at this point, Velia and Ariel stayed with me below as I shared with them a wooden occarina that I had just for them to play. Velia picked it up REALLY quickly and Ariel worked a bit more at it.    They wanted to run off and play the same game yet I wanted to make it so it can be hung around their necks first before sending their exuberance off into the woods and, oh dear by chance, it loose it’s way on the ground unexpectedly. 🙂
It seemed like a good time to commence with our birthday circle so, songs first, then the great Birthday Candle and story, then gift for the Birthday girl and special songs for her and then, the snack that she brought!!!!  Today was also the first day that they got to use the bowls that they made.  What fun!!!
They are being just great with circle and cleaning up.  What a joy!
We cleaned up and played for a bit, got some warm jackets to put on because under the Redwoods was much colder then out side of them, or so we surmised by looking at our weather stick, the sky between the trees and away from the trees!
We then went looking for the “bouncy tree.”  Aaron said he knew the way so he started us off but then he just couldn’t remember any more so Ariel and Velia took over and then we all just finally found the bouncy tree. There also was the great Redwood Cathedral which they all wanted to eat in and that is what we did.
They played all around and about this great tree as some of us sat on the inside.  There was great climbing of a Bay tree near by. Ione went mid way and then said she was stuck. Velia too. There was a lot of bouncing and sharing of the bouncy tree and then Aaron, Michelle, Rhett, Ariel, Talay, Layton and Alara went to find the Sunny Rock that Aaron shared with everyone.
Ione and Velia were convinced that they were stuck up in the tree and could not come down but with Michelles tall self help, so we waited.
They were really having quite a fun time of it sitting sweetly up on the tree listening and looking for what might be that high or higher.
Rhett came running back and said “Michelle said for you to play your occarina” so I did.  And there was the beginning of us calling back and forth to each other using our flutes.
They all came back soon after and then Aaron and Ione and I went to the sunny rock, then Rhett joined us and then the four of us went exploring to another place where we stayed until almost the end of the day.  It was a very large fallen down Redwood tree that had gotten quite burnt out in last years fires there.  It made GREAT places to sleep in too.  Aaron and Rhett continued to build on an existing house there and then Aaron really wanted to find the “bathroom.”  They actually looked all over there for the perfect bathroom and might actually have found it.:)
The others came over after all working together to find a place to dig a poop hole for Layton. She then decided that she really didn’t have to go so that group started to gather Bay nuts. Layton and Alara scurred off and it was thought that they went to us but they rather ran far away to play “comoflage.”  Unfortunately this was a bit of a scare for us as they went too far and we did not know where they were. So a beautiful circle was created when we found them and we shared ways to play games that you want AND stay safely within the loving arms of the group and the eyes and ears of Michelle and I.  We all held pinkies in the circle and agreed to this.  And of course, we know now that this is something to continue to reinforce, though they all seemed to get it, as well as Layton and Alara who offered wonderful suggestions such as, ‘Have one of the teachers GO with you when you want to play and the other teacher can help find.’ Great idea yes?!!!!
It was then time to sing good bye, say thank you’s, read from our book of the wonders we discovered in the natural world from our day and then off to the bus.
Another beautiful day with great teachings

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  1. Ann Shih
    Ann Shih says:

    Thank you so much for this, a joy to read and wonderful to have & keep! Please feel free to email me with any suggestions / observations / even advice you might want to share…


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