Marin Tues. Sept. 29, 2015 Day 5

Waning Crescent Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

This was such a beautiful, joyous and harmonious day.  Michelle met us at Roy’s and on our way there the children were speaking a lot about Halloween and what they were going to be, the type of beds they sleep in and some where building second stories to their homes or, what kind of house do you have? to each other.   Lively, connected and engaging conversations and, with some help, taking very good turns listening to one another speak.  And oh yes, before we got rolling I brought them back to our circle that we had on Thursday  about the agreements that they made on how to help themselves and each other if they get a bit upset.  This seemed to lay a good and safe tone for the day.
When we got to Roy’s they very, very happily ran out of the bus and began playing in the primitive houses that are built or naturally built there.  Many of them began to find yellow balls and later Michelle, Layton, Alara and Ione went on a search for these magical things. Actually the entire day was filled with finding special, beautiful and magickal things and hearing stories of such wonders.
After a great deal of play and joy we came together for circle.  Here we heard a story about an Old Farmer, how he loved the earth and how he gathered the harvest every year always sharing with the animals.  One year winter came very early and hard, He had to gather everything up right at the Harvest Moon. He fell asleep though and his faithful dog gathered all the animals together to help out. They did but then THEY fell asleep. Who should be watching all this time but the Autumn fairies who finished it all.  Since that day good and kind farmers have been leaving soft beds and kind gifts for the fairies at  Harvest Moon time. That was the  jist of the story.
After circle some went on the yellow bead search while the rest of us stayed and played in the houses.  Talay had a home where she was an Autumn fairy and was giving a party to celebrate the Moon.  Aaron was Santa Clause and singing christmas songs and laughing a lot!  Ariel was a fairy and had a fairy dog AKA Rhett!  He wanted to be this and asked if he could be her dog.    She agreed.
After a time I sat down with them and told many Winnie the Pooh stories but Aaron made sure that I got them correct! 🙂   We all had fun hearing these fun tales and adventures!!!
Soon our other friends returned and then it was very close to lunch time and time for us to go to the “bouncy tree” area. But what should we find on our way?????  Each child found a fairy just for them. A tiny little fairy to play with and take care of.  The children were wondering if there were more and more and, well they just had to keep their eyes and ears wide open looking, looking looking. They never found anymore fairies but, they did find other treasures from the deep looking that was taking place.  (YEAH!!!)   Ariel found the bead gun.  After years and years of me finding these little balls all over forests, even way up high in the Marbel Mts. 8 miles in, she found the toy that holds them.  Mysteries eventually get solved it seems.
The rest of the day was filled with playing with the fairies, eating together, playing in and around the big Redwood tree and then, practicing putting up a VERY LARGE TARP for the coming rains!!  What fun they all had playing under this, figuring out what we can tie it up to, going under it and having a Michelle Giant look for them…AHHHHH and this was one of Rhetts favorite part of the day.  We then had to take it down and fold it up but alas, the children LOVED jumping in it so we had to make a delicious buritto out of them, over and over and over again!  And finally they scampered off, Michelle and I quickly folded it up then made our way back to the bus.
They were very much a group today and in circle I worked with a particular name song we sing for them to get to remember each others name more.  Because, it is clear that they still don’t know each others name completely.  We will continue this until it is old hat!

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