Marin Tender Tracks Wednesday Oct.21, 2015 Day 6

Waxing Half Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Isabella  was on holiday with Mom and Dad this day.  The rest of us had a very lovely and peaceful day.
We needed to go to a different spot at Lake Lagunitas due to a large group being where we have typically gone. Eli wanted to go where we had gone on the first day so, we did.  We had our circle there and the same story as last week. They really like this one and the playing of the Turtle shell.  After circle the first thing that came out of  Eli’s mouth was”it’s time to play Hide and Go Seek!!!!!” Well, of course, WE DID!!!  I had to go to the bathroom after a bit so I left and Linda carried on. When I got back they all hid from me and I said,  “Oh dear, Oh dear, where are all my wonderful Tender Tracker friends?!!”   I looked and looked and then POP! out they came.  We all laughed and then Kuba really wanted us to go see the Turtles so off we went. But, what delight came our way, but the water service man who came right when Eli and Kuba got really curious about the water they heard coming from under this metal lid on the ground.  This Water Man was a very nice man. He opened the big metal lid and what did we see inside besides water???  Two frogs and a lizard.  All of us watched those frogs that finally decided to jump down and into the water.  We played with the shadows and light on the frogs to see if they would jump away or stay and, they finally jumped. Actually the first one jumped very quickly away. The second one gave us some great opportunities to view his wonderful nature.  Kai found lot’s of great sticks. Eli found one that he liked for a walking stick and discovered that it was actually a bit too thin to serve his needs.  Ruby’s legs are getting stronger and stronger with climbing up those big steps and up and up and up we went.  But where were the Turtles?  Well, we think they were on the log but alas, Eli  REALLY wanted to go in another direction/ the other side so, we did. And we kept looking for turtles. We found a kind of look out and there we saw a Heron on the big pipe that the turtles usually sit on and quite possibly a couple of turtles. It was a peaceful, calming and gorgeous view moment staring out at the beings that live there.  We then carried on and found a great place to settle into for the rest of the day.
Ruby, Linda and Kai found a very inviting  spot to sit near the water and I lead Eli and Kuba to another spot. There we noticed the plants growing in the water and different sticks to throw. Underneath the rocks there were little creatures that Kuba and Eli discovered. I think one of my most treasured part of this day was laying down so close to the Earth with these two and watching the tiniest of creatures crawl, crawl, crawl all around looking for a dark spot to hide under.  After a while the entire group came over to where we were and from there it was so fun to listen to all the different sounds that each rocks, stick and small stone made that the children were throwing into the water.  Lunch time had arrived so we all gathered and ate a beautiful array of food.
There was a partially   built shelter up against a tree and the rest of the day was building, decorating and creating around that tree.  Ruby invited me and Kuba over, Kai was building on the outside, and Eli was building in another part.  Some of the came in because Ruby said it was time to sleep. When we awoke everyone came in for breakfast.  Linda had gathered some beautiful plants that someone had left near our circle time. She had the fore thought to bring it and this is what decorated this wonderful home so nicely.
Walking back was a joy and driving back had some tired yet happy children.

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