Marin Tender Tracks Wed. Sept. 30, 2015 Day 3

Waning Crescent Moon

Roy’s Redwood
The day started out, right before we all got there, with some sprinkles . The Sky continued with a hovering gray blue throughout our time together.  However, it was not really cold but rather refreshing and invigorating.  Ruby had just gotten reunited with Mom and Dad after they came back from a little get away so she was a bit reluctant to enter into the Tender Tracks day. However, Mom did some kind of magic and she soon jumped onto the bus and was ready to go.  This was a very good delay of sorts because Kai and his Mom were delayed due to cars blocking their way out of their drive way, I think that is how it went. Right as Ruby settled in  all the children kept asking, “Where is Kai? Where is Kai?” And, who should arrive right then, but smiling and happy Kai!!!!  He jumped right in and off we went to a new place for a new adventure.
When we arrived we were immediately given the opportunity to explore the difference between Poison Oak and Blackberry leaves.  We saw these throughout the day and continued to sing little rhymes and such  about them. Repetition, repetition, repetition…..
As we went down a trail we found a very large and very full horse watering trough. The children did not know what it was but they had a lot of fun with it and, for Ruby,  the water wound up dancing all over her and she was happy!  So, when we got to our destination, before snack and all, I made a quick jaunt to the bus and got her some extra clothes. She had no trouble putting on these Tender Tracks clothes and carrying on with her day too!  This does NOT always happen with such ease and no complaints.
There is a “bouncy” tree there, a Bay tree with a branch that bends low, where the children played and played and played on it.  Eli REALLY liked this as well as the other children.  After bouncing and exploring a bit we settled into circle with songs and the story of: A House with no Doors No Windows and a Star Inside. We then could have our snacks of Apples and Walnuts but first,  ” Is there really a star in the apple?????” Well, YES THERE WAS!! we cut open several apples to eat and sure enough stars with little baby seeds were tucked sweetly inside.
We had our snack and storytime so late that Isabella and Ruby took out their lunch ( it was 11 by this time) and the boys, after playing on the bouncy tree again, came back in to eat too. While they were eating we wound up playing a lot of games of listening.  We were inspired because we heard some people coming and were trying to figure out what direction they were coming from.  I guess this all started when Ruby said, “Here I am” while we were in circle together and I started to play a game with my eyes closed & trying to figure out where the sound was coming from.  From there I introduced a game that we will play later on when they know each others voices better called Little Tommy Tittle Mouse.  It is a voice recognition game.  I will tell you more about it when we truly begin to play it. 🙂
After lunch we went on a big adventure to see where the fires were last year and to see if we could find more hidey homes.  Eli, Kuba and  Isabella went running with me through the forest with absolute joy. We found some scat, as we did earlier as well, that we examined and then Eli was excited for finding a tree whose branch was hanging low like a tunnel. He walked underneath it with great adventuresome excitement.  Then we all found this little hidey spot and that little hidey spot.  There was then a grand log to climb on. We climbed and explored and then, Ahhhhh, down fell three little boys and Eli got the brunt of it.  He cried and was sad as I held him in my lap and all the children watched over him.
After he settled a bit  he, Isabella and I went exploring some more while Linda and the others were still playing where we were. But then, a puppy Labrador got out of his owners grasp and charged at Isabella, Eli and I.  I grabbed his leash but he was FILLED  with large puppy delight  which was NOT what Eli was up for. He cried and cried and was not to be fully consoled until that dog went far away.  We all tenderly stayed around the area we were at as Eli did not want to go where the lady and the dog were until they were truly gone!!!
Linda, Kai and Eli then went exploring through the forest and wound up gently climbing on some other logs while Isabella, Kuba, Ruby and I stayed and gathered “black paint”. They proceeded to paint my face as well as Ruby’s.  It was time to go though so we made it back to our spot, packed up and went to find our way back.  Ruby was convinced the bus was in another direction but Isabella, Kai, Kuba and Eli thought for sure it was where it actually was.  Ruby was so very content walking back along the great path that we did take, only it was going BACK to the forest. 🙂
She finally turned around. We all washed our hands in the water trough only Kai and Ruby really could have stayed there much longer as they were fully enjoying the water.   Kuba was just in delight with the day and Isabella talked more and more and more. This all was a pure delight.
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