Marin Tender Tracks Wed. Sept. 23, 2015 Day 2

Waxing Moon
Fall Equinox this day in the AM
Lake Lagunitas

What a sweet first real day today with out parents.  Eli was wanting Mom yet at the same time appeared to be having fun with his new friends. Kai seemed to have fallen in love with Ruby.  Ruby started imitating my hitting a stick that we just sawed in order to fully break it. She took a smaller stick and said ‘see, I am hitting against the tree like Wendolyn!’  When she sat down at the end of the day after a dancing fest we had with flutes and all, Kai piled on her for a hug and Isabella piled on him on her. 🙂
Kuba was just Mr. Nature man; filled with exuberance and great body awareness with climbing and hiking. Which is just what he wanted to do and did!!!
Isabella, though quiet, brought us all into a true ice breaker after circle time.  And here I will go back to the beginning to share some parts of how the day went.
The children were sweet and quiet mostly on the bus.  We were excited though because before we left we saw a Buck chasing a  Doe. Oh yes, it is mating season so, be cautious around those male deers right now!!!!!
When we got to our spot they played for a bit but then we checked out to see if the Yellow Jackets were still around a lot. It seemed that they were so we searched for a place for circle that would be less occupied by these formidable friends.  We found one, set up our circle, had songs and stories and snack.  Kuba and Ruby were up and ready for singing the songs to the best of their ability and the other three were like three year olds that I am familiar with; just in a state of taking it all in. It will all come out at a sooner or later time, I am sure of it as time has shown me over and over.
After circle we began to saw and saw and saw the log that Eli found and he and Linda had put in the bus  last week. I said I would bring a bigger saw and I did. Most of them helped hold the log down with a standing foot and then watched Linda and I take turns sawing and/or hitting the stick on the tree to give it the final break.  It was then time to move on and this is where Isabella created, unknown to her, the “ice breaker.”
As I was putting the saw and wood away she and Eli started to run around, and then chase each other. Kai, after awhile, thought that looked like fun and joined in the running and then Kuba liked that and then Ruby joined in and then they ran to the little over hang house and then, Hide and Go Seek took place!!!!  That was fun!  Eli found his way over the little creek but then wasn’t sure how to get back over. He and I, walking on either side of the creek, found a way for him to get over and then we gathered up with the others. He and Kai began playing with sticks by a tree but then Kuba and Isabella were very ready to go for an adventure and see if we could see the turtles by the Lake up above us like the one in the story they heard at circle.   We all packed up and off we went, up, up , up the big stairs each one of them finding their way up due to there being at least three different options to climb up.    For Kuba this was easy, Isabella no big deal, Kai and Ruby wanting a hand to hold and Eli interested in finding his own way with grace and ease.
At the top we found our way to the turtles and I took them on a little adventure down a small path into the brush to see if we could see the turtles better. All came but Isabella. And down there, Ruby helped Kai over a hard spot and Eli helped  Ruby.
Throughout the day they would help one another get through one hard spot or another.
After this little adventure we took them to a place up some stone stairs and down a path to some shade where we set up our lunch spot, ate, fed a lone Yellow Jacket, watched her persiverance and amazing way of eating, listened to some stories and then finally, packed up to make our way back.
Kuba and Eli, with some instructions, ran as far as the platform to wait for the rest of us. And they did!
When we all got their I brought out my bigger flute to play so they could dance. I then brought out a small wooden Ocarina because they wanted to play my flute. This one however I designate to the children. After instructions, each one played it, and well!  Kuba REALLY liked this and then played a little dance tune for everyone which they did dance. After this was when Ruby was on the ground and the love hugs came.
Then, down the big stone stair case we went and back to the bus to end our day with song and gratitudes and remembering our adventures of the day.


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