Marin Tender Tracks Wed. Oct. 7, 2015 Day 4

Waning Moon
Blackies Park in Tiburon

This was a day of many unexpected shifts.  Due to the horrendous occurences that took place a day and a half ago in Fairfax it seemed safe, prudent and far less tension building to leave town.  Therefore, I chose to go to Richardsons’ Bay in Tiburon.  However, after finally getting there and three out of five families waiting for us, we discovered that it was closed! Even though it’s website says:
Open today · 9:00 pm – 5:00 am
Well, not to worry. Eli and his family live right near there so his Mommy told us about Blackies right down the road and that made the most sense to go to.  Kai was not far behind us and called wondering where we were since we were not at Richardsons bay. I then told them where to go and then let everyone know what time to pick the children up.
Thank you all for your flexibility and understanding that this was all in consideration of the safety and well being of the children, though a bit of a juggling act. So any way, PHEW! we made it there and began by going over the fence to avoid cars in the parking lot and went straight to the statue of Blackie. I hope I have this name right.
We played with this horse and then were wondering why the grasses were all dry and gone.  We were putting clues together; looking for horse shoe prints and other such things.  We then started to notice our own foot prints by stamping in the ground and looking at them. Eli then led the way to where we would go for the day as he knows this place well it seemed.   We went straight to the water.  For a good part of the day Eli and Ruby were IMMERSED in the water with such great delight.  Isabella was still for about half the day until a bit after lunch.  Kai was the same, resting and being still until a bit later and Kuba and I were curious, all day, about the fun Sea Gull that kept swimming back and forth and back and forth right where we were. There also was a wonderful Egrett that we all spent time watching later in the day. Isabella was a bit concerned about if it would eat Eli when he kept going in the water to wash his hands.  We then watched him even more closely and HE ATE A LITTLE FISH. A fish that was MUCH smaller then Eli.
Isabella, Kuba, Kai and I were building houses out of rocks, sand and wood for awhile with much delight.  Kai then went off to create and destroy one of his own and Kuba and I came over to watch how he was going to destroy it.  During lunch it was quite fun to watch Ruby wash her hands, come to sit down and eat only to put her hands right back in the sand as she sat down and then have to go and wash them again.  She did this for quite a while until I offered another option for her. She then was able to eat some of her lunch.
Eli helped find her Mermaid necklace that her Daddy gave her when it fell in the water and she was quite delighted by that.  Isabella had a lot of ideas about creating this home that Kuba was very involved in. She finally took a shell and put two “babies” inside, made some rooms and all was well.  Kuba had different ideas so some negotiating took place.
Linda brought some Maple Leaves and Kuba, Ruby and Kai went to get some leaves from a very big tree near us. We discovered that even though they came from the same tree and had the same coloring their shapes were very, very varied!!! We then put the Maple leaves next to them and the children were amazed at the differences!!!!!!
The sun and gentle breezes were so beautiful.  The play opened up gracefully and it was a fine fourth day.

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