Marin Tender Tracks Wed. Oct. 28, 2015 Day 7

Waning Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

There was a suspect for rain to fall upon our heads so I thought going here with the little shelter to nestle into if needed was a good idea. But alas, no rains came, at all!!!
However what did come was Isabella right back from her grand trip from Germany!  She was alive and bright as ever and more talkative then she has been to date.
The day was just simply sweet, and explorative.  Each time we get together more and more cohesion takes place.  As I said, Isabella was fully engaged and talking with us all throughout the day.  Eli happy and playing with all.  Kai settled and united with the group and Ruby, actually though she was very, very alive, alert, participatory and all, she was a bit more quiet and spent a lot of time quietly with Linda today by the waters edge.   At circle they are all singing and joining in.  Often that does not happen with three year olds for quite some time but here they were having such a good time!!!
We spent a lot of time down by the creek looking for rocks that we could paint with, finding glorious leaves and different bugs. We found a great Banana Slug that we watched eat a bit of a little Catkin but then it seemed to not like it so much so it moved on.  They learned to get their hands muddy before picking up a Banana Slug, for the benefit of the Slug.
We played our great Hide and Go Seek Games and fed A LOT of Yellow Jackets. At lunch one came by, so we put some of Kuba’s meet out for it. Then another, then another, then another….. when it was time to clean up we left the meat out. When we came back at the end of the day to get our belongings, THEY WERE STILL THERE!!!! At least 8 or more.
My favorite part of the day was when I had them line up like a caterpillar. They put their hands on each others shoulders, closed their eyes and then, with Linda at the tail and me at the front, I led them on a little blind walk.  They did GREAT! and had a good time with it. I led them to one last place to play and explore and that is what we did.

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