Marin Tender Tracks Wed. Nov. 4, 2015 Day 8

Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas: on other side of parking lot

Ruby was not able to make it today and Kai needed to meet us at our spot.
We circled up and started at a beautiful spot near the other Lake.  Linda set up a very inviting circle. I went to go to the bathroom but when I got back, “WHERE WERE THEY?????”  I could not find Linda, Kuba and Eli anywhere!  I thought at first they were hiding but it was TOOOO quiet for that.  I looked here, I looked there and none of them to be found without a peep.  Did a Helicopter come and take them all away I wondered????  I began to walk and call out for them as I walked closer to the damn. But who should I then see but Kai and his Mom walking up to me. There the three of us greeted one another and chatted for a bit.
Kai and I finally went to go find the others.  I called out and I heard a bird sound ( Linda). When I walked down near the water I was greeted with a Shush!  They had been there for along time watching the Great Blue Heron.  They then got excited about moving closer to the bird. We were then blessed with seeing it’s LARGE wings open up fully and glide along the waters surface to a farther away place.  Such beauty!!!!
They then walked up towards Kai and I. Kai was not really with us yet and found a stick and just stayed still.  Kuba REALLY wanted to run and go on an adventure.  Isabella was, again, in great, happy and joyful spirits and up for just about anything.  Eli, fell and we all gathered around him as he cried big, big tears with the great desire to see Mom.  We all just loved him and after a time, his tears went away and he was happy to begin playing with the children again.   This seemed to give Kai the time he needed to come into the group and from there we walked and came across some interesting dam water wheels. The children liked playing on these. And then we went to find some Madrone berries to pick.
When we got to the trees they all picked the berries from the trees. Then Isabella found these Culvert plastic rounds that we could sit in. Kai liked pretending that he had a knife to cut them.  Isabella and Kuba were talking about Monsters and Eli got very frightened and wanted to go home. I said they were just pretend and he so very,very sweetly asked Isabella if they were indeed pretend. She quite kindly said “yes.”  He felt much better after that.
We had a great game of Bandaid Tag that turned into Little Tommy Tittle Mouse and then we all went to lunch in a beautiful spot under the madrone and Maple trees.  We told stories at lunch time and listened to each one of them share a song that they loved.
After lunch I had them bury me under the beautiful leaves like a little animal trying to get warm for the winter.  Then Linda and they went to stand back and see that I really looked just like a pile of leaves. This is how the animals get camoflauged!!!  Then Kuba, Eli and Linda played the game too and got buried underneath the leaves and felt the warmth and smelt the great smells under there. This is a very old native game and at any primitive skills class you will wind up doing this.  One gains so many many skills from this seemingly innocent game.
What I am so impressed by with your children is how open they are to playing these games and how alert they are to it all.  At circle time we learned new songs and wound up sitting ever so still listening and watching the many birds around us. So beautifuL!!!
When it was time to go they figured out which way to go back and they all agreed on which direction we should go. There was a cross roads point that they had to decide which way to go.
I brought out some of the rest of the Paleo “cookies” from snack. They ate one and then played with running all over the logs and being different animals. And oh yes, earlier I played my flute to whatever they wanted the sounds to be; elephant, tree, humingbird…..
This was yet another glorious day with more and more unity and cohesion. The days just get richer and richer.

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