Marin Tender Tracks Wed. Nov. 18, 2015 Day 10

Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

All the children were here and some had stories to tell of being sick. On this day though they were ready and eager for the day. And, yet another day ,of moving more and more into unity and harmony and friendship one with the other.
We began by going to a place we went to last week and setting up circle there.   They heard a story about Fredrick the Mouse who gathered, colors, warmth and stories for the long winter days while every one else gathered the food and such.  Everyone wound up understanding and being so thankful for what he gathered, though at the time it wasn’t really clear why he was not helping everybody else!
From there we made apple bird feeders that they hung on a tree near by.  They were so very present and involved with this and had such a good time.
When we were done lot’s of different things occurred.  Kuba wanted to build with some existing wood and Eli wanted to as well. Kuba wanted to just do it with Linda but when the three of them were going to build together he was good with that.  Ruby really enjoyed sitting still and being with the Fairy House that has been there with Linda.  She wanted to go to Ganhesa most of the day. I think she was so very excited and maybe even a bit anxious? about what she was going to do at the end of the day that all day long she was wanting to get on the bus.  However by the last hour we all got so very settled down by the water and so did she.
After awhile most of them were very, very, very busy making Soup of chocolate cookies and all manner of things in the water trough in our little area. They were just having a GRAND time with this. They found all sorts of different things from the Earth to put in that big pot and it was delicious!!!! as we all pretended gleefully in eating it.
Kai and I spent a lot of time together checking out stumps and sticks.  I broke off a dead limb and then Ruby came over. She was excited to hit it with another stick and break it down into smaller pieces.  She said “step back” and Kai quickly complied. It was actually quite fun to see how they worked together for safety like this. She then swung and swung until a piece broke off.  Kai was delighted!  He finally gave it a go but was not successful with getting a piece broken off. Ruby tried again but it was harder the second time.  They both had fun.   Kai and Kuba were building homes but Kai didn’t want to be neighbors but rather have his home high on a hill and built differently. Kuba wanted the homes built in the way he wanted. There was no struggle, just clarity on what they each wanted :).  It was rather sweet.
It then became time to go on an adventure.  Isabella, Eli, Kai and I were up ahead and Ruby and Kuba were behind with Linda.  They found deer scat and Ruby loved pulling this apart and then wanted to bring me some.   Isabella and Eli were having the time of their lives together all day playing and creating fun. Towards the end of the day Eli said that Isabella was a baby that he was taking care of. Isabella was enjoying this game.
Kuba went off with Linda to go poop at the porta potty. He didn’t want to poop outside and it sounds like they went on a very fun, playful and grand adventure which he then found their way back to us. By the time they got back it was time for all of us to head back.  He lead us a little but it was a bit like he was herding cats because all of them got so involved in the many wonders that they found along the way.
They found some gifts of acorns and Madrone berries left for what looked like the Squirrels.  They gathered and ate more Madrone Berries too.   Ruby had fallen into the water a bit and was not phased as she loves the water so. When in the bus the children wanted to hear her whole story about what happened, how she fell and such. We were not able,due to time constraints, to draw our pictures of the day but they really wanted to. However, I did write down as much as we could remember of all the things we saw and experienced. Even the wind that blew sweetly on our cheeks.  From the nature world this is a great thing to do as a way of gratitude as well as remembering the gifts that we experienced throughout the day.
The notion that there is a gift for you , just you, arose today and they spent time looking for their gift. They didn’t fully understand that a rock, a path, a bird can be your gift. This was a seed planted in them that will be watered regularly throughout the year.

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