Marin Tender Tracks Wed. Nov. 11, 2015 Day 9

New Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Kai and Eli were home sick today and Kuba and Isabella had snuffles and coughs.  In spite of that what a glorious and magickal day it was!!  I wanted to take them on a different journey today but, where I was going to park, all the spaces were filled so, a new adventure presented itself.  I took them a top a hill over looking the other lake where the older preschoolers have been going. There we set up circle, had songs, story and snack and then, they found the Fairy house that was built by  a couple of the Tues. Thursday Tender Trackers and they loved it!! and added to it!
We made our way down to the water but with incredible care. During circle we heard and saw so many wonderful birds that we wanted to see if we could walk without disturbing them.  The children stayed in stillness and mostly silence for a very long time. Even when we got to the water we were stalking up on a Great Blue Heron. We all sat there for about ten+ minutes very, very, very quiet. Linda spotted another Great Blue on the very tip top of a tree and we watched that as well.  But then, the adventure wanted to continue. Kuba really wanted to go so I suggested that he ask if his friends were ready to go. They weren’t quite and he didn’t like that yet, it didnt take long for them to change their mind and off we went climbing up rocks and over dirt paths.  We found a large Tube going into the Lake. There we heard the echo of our voices as we spoke into the tube and then sent rocks flying down it only to hear the SPLASH! into the water down below. We took turns sitting on the side and watching the splashes and throwing the rocks down and listening to the many different sounds from the different size rocks.   We made it just a little further down the path where we found a beautiful spot by the water to have our lunch.   Kuba was filled with on going conversation and laughter and the other two joined in him in his fun.  He became a baby rock and then Ruby joined in being a Ruby baby Rock, then Linda joined them and became a Linda Baby rock!!!! But, where were our friends? And then POP out they all came!!!  And down the path we continued.  The water glistened like Light Faieries dancing and the path turned into a Beautiful Forest of warmth and invitation.  Isabella was quite quiet in the morning but by 11 or so she popped back into the happy face talkative girl we have grown to know and, LOVE!   She, Ruba and Linda were a bit further behind Kuba and I who found a great spot to explore.  We then turned into rocks and wondered if our friends could find us. And,they finally did!!!  There we made our own beautiful Fairy home by gathering wonderful rocks, acorns , yellow flowers and berries to make it radiant and inviting.
We had to make our way home by this time. As we walked back Ruby found a lot of puddles and, well, there she found her element. Actually, she found the water at our last place and had so much fun playing in it!!!  The puddles were a continuation.  Kuba fell while he, Isabella and I were playing a game. I think he was very tired because after that he wanted to be in the bus and going home because,  he said, “I’m tired.”   We found the Great Blue Heron flying around all day and making it’s incredible prehistoric sound. The hummingbirds came to visit us a lot as well as all the other low flying birds and high flying birds.  We found great tracks and scat of several animals.  Another sweet and magickal day!

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