Marin Tender Tracks Wed. May 18, 2016 Day 31

Waxing Gibbous Moon
Lake Lagunitas

A new friend named Kelly visited us today. She is a teacher with Vilda Nature School. It was a fun treat to have her with us and play with us!

All the children were here too and Great Grandpa Sun was shinning hot, hot. We were going to go to Sorich but I believe it was just too hot to do so. Therefore we went to Lake Lagunitas where we could choose if we wanted lot’s of sun or shade from our Great Tree Friends.

The over all arc of the day was, fun, friendship, play, discovery and joy.

I brought them into circle with a new song as well as standing and they ALL sang like never before!!!  They are no longer the dreamy, shy three year olds that began the year but solid just about four and almost four year olds!!  We walked farther today then ever too.
So, circle was so very fun as they joined in with all of the songs and movements, gobbled up snack of apple sauce, walnuts, dried cranberries and our special lemon water.  Then, we had our story from last week yet with an addition; Rooster that found the Sun hiding in a cave and brought him back out to shine his light upon everyone again, made a trail with Oat groats to find his way back. In doing so all the other animals found where Rooster was and THAT is how they ALL sang the first ever Morning Welcoming Song to the Sun!!

And, that is what we did when we finally got on our way to an adventure; we laid a trail of Oat Groats along the way, made tracks with some sticks,and rock piles with sticks in it too.  They enjoyed this very much AND it WORKED!  They found their trails all the way home when it was time to go.

Before we ever left for our adventure though we played in the woods. Kuba, Eli and Kai became Monsters. Kelly aided them and empowered their Monsterness by way of having them move a VERY big boulder. Which they did!!  Oh how mighty these monsters were.

Isabella and Ruby played house a good lot of the day with Eli coming in to be Protector Dad often.   This was so great for Ruby and she LOVED being baby and taken care of. She was filled with laughs and love throughout the day.  Kai was filled with guns shooting yellow fire and monsterness, Eli was a GREAT protector of his family, Kuba loved making paint when we got to our creek, creating things, being baby kitten and loving to be snuggled. As I just mentioned, we wound up at a creek where there was shade and beautiful redwood homes.  Kuba, Kai and I made face paint with the rocks for awhile, there was water play, house play, painting faces with charcoal from the trees and I was told at the end of the day by Linda and Kelly all the marvelous protection Eli was doing when the monsters, Kuba and Kai came by.  Kelly made them all bracelets of Iris leaves and they all loved that.  I was soaking up the sun and day so much that I got my time all mixed up as to when we had to leave. We were eating lunch, I was reading a story and then I realized, “Oh Dear, We have to go!!!!”  A speedy train was created that then turned into an airplane and off we all went, after packing up and getting shoes and socks back on.

This was another mile stone day with so much growth and development among them all.  A treat, treat, treat to see them grow more and more into their radiant, whole and beautiful selves!!!!!!

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