Marin Tender Tracks Wed. Marh 23, 2016 Day 24

Full Moon
Alpine Lake/Bon Tempe area

This was such a beautiful day. In the mornings I  start the day with  giving gratitude and checking in to find my intention. Today was to find that quiet, peaceful, easeful state with joy for no reason and that this be so for the children as well.  I do believe this was all manifested.
What a sweet, gentle, flowing and connected day with All of Life we all had.
We went to a place we knew with the Sun shining it’s warmth upon us and gentle breezes to bring just enough aliveness to spark movement and pleasure.
Each child came with their own brand of joy and it all mingled together with an on going ebb and flow.  Kuba was playing more and more with others.  At one point Isabella was on her own. I sensed that there might have been some discomfort for her with this. I went over and we began to play and then Kai came over after a bit and all of that suspicion went out the window.  She and Kai began to do what they often do, play sweetly together.
We had our circle and I read a most beautiful story that I always read this time of year called Rabbits Wedding. It is one of the old story books that capture the beauty and innocence of the young child.  We had some new songs  about rabbits too!
We played a little afterward right where we were. There was one log in the pond. Eli was REALLY trying to see if he could move it so I, upon his request, began to throw sticks at it to see if it could move. One by one the other children came over. No matter what I threw at it it didn’t move. “How come???” I asked. So we explored this for a bit.
Linda shared lot’s of beautiful flower findings with the children too and then, we made our way into an adventure to another part of the lake.
There was a big hill that they weren’t sure if they could make it up.  Before I left from home this morning a rope was sitting on my table that truly was beckoning me to bring it.  I new not to question such a call.  I then knew why it wanted to come.  I gave it to Linda, the children held on to it and so she sang them up the hill as they held onto that rope.
When we got to the top we then found the trail to go down…….. I took a bit of a different route then intended but it was the PERFECT route as it led us to at least 15 turtles sitting upon logs.
When we got to them they scattered off their logs. We sat down ever, ever, ever so quietly and watched them slowly swim about and then one by one work at getting back upon their logs. I say worked as some of them kept slipping off and had to find different ways to get back on.  We were going to eat right there and keep watching them when we noticed a lot of Poison Oak very close by. We went a little further down and closer to the water.  This was a GREAT place as there were more turtles on more logs!!!
The rest of the day was eating, watching the turtles climb up the logs, playing logs there and for Ruby getting in the water.
The children were so truly fascinated and engaged with these turtles and our surroundings. It was so deeply peaceful and serene as we saw King Fishers, Great White Egrets fishing and flying. Crows making a raucous, sparrows, flying low and curiosities abounding.
Linda found a log to lay on like a Turtle and it was also like a boat. The children became intrigued and Ruby in particular wanted to go on this boat. The others were there playing with it and then trying to push her “out to sea.”
As they were playing I sadly  had to say that it was time for us to leave so we packed up and began our journey back up the trail and to find our Ganesha.
When we got back in the bus, we drew some pictures of the day making sure that we had logs, turtles, sunshine, children and adults in the pictures. It was clear that there was much more that we saw but could not draw it all. But oh yes, we also drew a lone Deer that we saw running near us on the hillside.
A sweet and beautiful day in our first week of Spring.

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