Marin Tender Tracks Wed. March 30, 2016 Day 25

Waning Gibbous Moon
Phoenix Lake

Ruby was not here today.

I would describe this day as still, peaceful, explorative, calm and gentle.

Just four children and two adults so a lot of the time two were with Linda and two with me.  Eli came today with vim, vigor and a nice dash of mischief.  He seems just about four with these descriptors running through him as he gave his glorious smile when he wanted to grab things I had.  After a good lot of chase games though and then finding the creek to roam in barefoot he found all that other stuff left by the way side.  My guess is his favorite part was running back and forth back and forth, back and forth up and down the little creek with his bare feet. He beamed with joy.

Isabella was playing with Eli most of the day and joined him not so much with his mischief but with all the fun. The two of them just had a blast playing “find the glass”, throw the rocks, chase Wendolyn, watch Wendolyn work at making a fire with flint and steel, playing under the bridge and being delighted that they could sit under there and many more permutations of water play. Kai shared that he really just wanted to play with Isabella and not Eli so Isabella is desired by both. It seems that when all 5 of them are together there is far less or no apparent challenge with who to play with. Therefore, Ruby was missed.  Kai also came with a “slimy throat” and followed his mother’s instructions to not get wet.  He was quite peaceful about this.  Kuba wanted to be with me at the beginning of the day.  However after a time, and for quite a time, he, Kai and Linda played in the sun by the waters stream and painted each others faces.  It was a most beautiful sight.

I told them a story today that I love to tell and Kuba actually knew it. It is called  One Fine Day.  It is a sequential/repetitive tale about a fox who takes something he shouldn’t and then he must ask many, many people and beings to help him in order to give back what he should not have taken.  Straight away after the tale Eli and Isabella became the fox in the story and began to act it out.
Kuba made sure I told the story just right, as children his age are very known for doing, and Kai listened on.  They all were singing the songs and doing the hand movements more then ever before and it was all rather fun.

The day went by so peacefully yet also so quickly and, as said earlier, gently.

I enjoyed gathering materials and working with my flint and steel and then with a magnifying glass to try to make fire.  Eli  delighted in filling the “nest” I made with stones and that ended the fire making part.  Then he, Isabella and Kuba joined with the target practice I made for them for a little bit too.

A peaceful and joyful day.

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