Marin Tender Tracks Wed. March 2, 2016 Day 21

Waning Moon
Sorich Ranch

What an absolutely beautiful, beautiful day!!! Even though the rain is to come tomorrow we still had beautiful and warm skies.  Kuba was very tired today as it turned out he just came back from Hawaii.  Kai was happy yet still struggling a bit with communication with friends.  Isabella had less mischievous nature then last week and still happy and very playful. Ruby was alive, bright and joyful as well as Eli.
Before story I brought out many taxidermy birds in support of some of our new Spring songs. I also brought out a taxidermy mole.  They really loved these. Isabella however did not want to hold them and actually, I am not sure if she even petted them. The others however were all for it.
I wish to tell you the biggest and most exciting part of the day was all the wild edibles we ate. Ruby and Isabella had their mouths stuffed full a lot of the day. Eli and Isabella had fun eating a lot of sour grass and fennel earlier in the day.  We went to the little farm that I just discovered through Linda right down the road. Before we left our wild foraging began and when we got there it was FILLED with eating.  These are the things we ate on this day:
Filaree/ Storks bill
Image result for find the plant called filaree

Miners lettuce, Sour Grass, Mallow, Dandelion, Plantain, Chickweed, Curly dock leaves, baby brussel sprouts and I think there were a few more but this is all I can remember right now.  We were showered on by such beautiful spring petals from some trees and our walk to the farm led us to so many more beautiful early spring sights. We saw a lot of California Towhee’s like one of the taxidermy birds, small sparrows and looked in the sky to see crows dive bombing juvenile Redtailed hawks.  There was a lot of poison oak blooming beautifully as well that we saw.
The children loved climbing up the big rock at our circle spot and at the farm they had so much fun feeding the many beautiful chickens there and eating, eating, eating the wild edibles.
We walked back to eat lunch and in that circle I read them a grand story book by Alice Walker and told them a beautiful rendition of the Three Bears.
It was close to going home so packed up we got.
Kuba used Tender Tracks small porclein pot to go poop in. This pot was mine and my sisters when we were little. I line it with a bio bag and away the poop goes. Eli tried twice thinking he had to poop but he was not successful like Kuba.
The day was simply sweet, sweet, sweet, warm and delightful.

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