Marin Tender Tracks Wed. March 16, 2016 Day 23

Waxing Moon
Sorich Ranch

Everyone was here today. Ruby has been sick for quite a while and Eli too so, it was good to have them back and on such a warm and welcoming Spring like day. As Spring is officially just about here, all things around us were sprouting and your children seem to be sprouting themselves in so many ways!
Deer park started us off in the very, very cold, however, that cold did not last long once we got to Sorich where warm coats we eventually taken off and left in the bus for the day.
Eli went straight for the Big Rock, Kuba wanted to check out the creek straight away to see if water was in it.  Isabella, Ruby, Linda and Kai went to do just that and by the time I brought all of our snack things around they were ready to sit down with lot’s of fresh fennel in hand to pass around for a pre snack treat. Yum!!!
I read them a story about Spring birds nesting to go in harmony with the Taxidermed birds they saw a couple of weeks ago and the spring birds that are all around.  After songs and story we listened and listened to hear so many birds and, we heard what sounded like crickets.  I am doing research right now to see if that can really be true. It seems like it is.
After circle there was a question and a time for a group decision: Do we go back to the farm or go to the swings?  Swings it was so, we got our backpacks and off we went. But, “How do we get there again?”  Down the path they went and up the trails.  Their legs got such a good work out and Isabella went basically skipping up the very steep hill while Kai and Ruby took it nice and slow with Linda.  So, Kuba, Eli and Isabella got there first and found the swings. They immediately went to sharing.  From there Eli and I, after his turn, went climbing a big rock and then went down to the creek. He continued to explore and I began to look for good painting rocks. Then Kuba came down, Ruby came down, Kai came down, Isabella continued to play on the swing and the rest loved finding stones to make paint.  Kuba painted half of my face and Kai painted Linda’s.  Ruby was painting herself with rocks or whatever else she could because, she just LOVES to!   After quite awhile down there I was getting a bit cold so we went back up closer to the sun.  Linda, ELi and Isabella were having a grand time in such a beautiful Buckeye tree above the swings. We heard them laughing and playing.  Kai and I started to create a target practice with sticks and a stone with a Bullseye type mark on it. Ruby liked giving Kai sticks for this and Kuba joined in after awhile.
It was lunch time soon enough so we ate, read some stories and went back to play before we needed to make our way down.  When we were about to go there was a grand Red Tailed Hawk above us soaring  and then two crows dive bombing him a bit. Kai, Kuba and I stared and stared at them for as long as we could before we really had to go.
Ruby did a grand job today not getting very wet due to Mother’s request, though, she so wanted to!!! Everyone shared the swings very well today even though they all wanted it just for themselves for as long as they could.  We found a lot of healthy fresh Poison Oak to notice and step away from as well as a lot of slippey mud along the trail to figure out how to navigate on or around.
Today was another glory filled day.

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